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In addition to updating drivers, make sure you go to Settings – Update & Security and install all the latest updates for Windows 10 from Microsoft. Method 2 – Check for Power Requests Sometimes certain Windows programs send power requests to the system, which prevent the system from shutting down or going to sleep. Microsoft Windows 10 Update Now Breaks The Sleep Mode On Laptops, And We Are Not Surprised Anymore Windows 10 machines are struggling with a new bug that impacts the sleep mode that is causing machines to power up without any user input. It turns out that there is a specific process that is causing this problem.

As explained by a few reports, the issue keeps waking up the PC even when they are supposed to be in the ‘Sleep Mode’.

  1. For more information, check How to upgrade to Windows 10 on new devices that include Office 365. If you have Office 2010 or earlier and choose to perform a clean install of Windows 10, you will need to locate your Office product key.
  2. How to Add or Remove Sleep from Power menu in Windows 10 Sleep uses very little power, your PC starts up faster, and you’re instantly back to where you left off. You don’t have to worry that you'll lose your work because of your battery draining because Windows automatically saves all your work and turns off the PC if the battery is too low.
  3. Since updating to Windows 10 1709 I get a weird video issue - vertical dotted lines, the mouse is still visible as vertical stripes, when waking from sleep mode. It is a desktop machine, I am using an Intel HD graphics 530 and have downloaded and installed the latest driver - 22.

Looks like users are not happy with Microsoft’s September 2020 options update (KB4571744) as it is breaking the ‘Sleep Mode’ feature. This is being experienced by customers who are running Windows 10 May 2020 Update. While this update includes fixes for critical issues and some improvements, it is causing problems in the ‘Sleep Mode’. As explained by few reports on the web, the issue keeps waking up the PC even when they are supposed to be in the ‘Sleep Mode’. Some users also mentioned this in the Microsoft’s forum website.

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“My computer (Windows 10, 64-bit Build 19041) is constantly waking up from sleep and then going back to sleep for a short time only to repeat the cycle. I ran sleep diagnostics on the Windows PowerShell as administrator i.e. powercfg /systemsleepdiagnostics. The report from yesterday (5/31/2020) indicates that my computer awoke from sleep 50-55 times during the course of the day until at about 8:00 p.m., I decided that it was better to fully shut down the computer rather than have these continued cycles. The common thread in all these awakenings from sleep is MoUSO Core Worker Process (MoUsoCoreWorker.exe),” said a user named gbeepster.

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What makes this issue worse is that there is no fix available for it right now, reports Windows Latest. Fortunately, there is a temporary solution. In case you haven’t updated your laptop to this Windows version, you can prevent the update running in odd hours by scheduling it. There’s a second way too.

-Open the search window.

- Type ‘Services.msc’ phrase.

- Once the Services window opens, look for ‘Windows Update’ service. Anydesk for mac download.

- Click on Windows Update and chose ‘Stop’

- Then again, click on the Windows Update and select ‘Start’ then ‘Restart’.

Windows 10 Update Sleep Issues

- Go to Windows Update and click on Check for updates.

- You can then install the pending updates and reboot the PC.

Windows 10 Sleep Timeout


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