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Download Weird in a World That’s Not : A Career Guide for Misfits –

Jennifer Romolini


An honest, sharp-witted, practical guide to help you get and keep the job you want–from an outsider whose been there and done it, a woman who went from being a broke, divorced, college dropout to running some of the biggest websites in the world.

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Jennifer Romolini started her career as an awkward twenty-seven-year-old misfit, navigated her way through New York media and became a boss–an editor-in-chief, an editorial director, and a vice president–all within little more than a decade. Her book, Weird In A World That’s Not, asserts that being outside-the-norm and achieving real, high-level success are not mutually exclusive, even if the perception of the business world often seems otherwise, even if it seems like only office-politicking extroverts are set up for reward.

Part career memoir, part real-world guide, Weird in a World That’s Not offers relatable advice on how to achieve your dreams, even when the odds seem stacked against you. Romolini helps you face down your fears, find a career that’s right for you, and get and keep a job. She tackles practical issues and offers empathetic, clear-cut answers to important questions:

How do I navigate the awkwardness of networking?How do I deal with intense office politics?How do I leave my crappy job?How do I learn how to be a boss not just a #boss?And, most importantly: How do I do all this and stay true to who I really am?

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Authentic, funny, and moving, Weird in a World That’s Not will help you tap into your inner tenacity and find your path, no matter how offbeat you are.

Download Weird in a World That’s Not : A Career Guide for Misfits –

Jennifer Romolini

PDF ebook

Download Weird in a World That’s Not : A Career Guide for Misfits –

Jennifer Romolini

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Domino Recording Company
Distributor(s)Redeye[1] (US)
PIAS Group (UK & Ireland)
Outside Music (Canada)
Hostess/Sony (Japan)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
LocationLondon, England

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Domino Recording Company (known simply as Domino) is a British independent record label based in London. There is also a wing of the label based in Brooklyn, New York that handles releases in the United States, as well as a German division called Domino Deutschland and a French division called Domino France. In addition, Stephen Pastel presides over the subsidiary label Geographic Music, which releases more 'unusual' music from Britain and outside of the Western world. In 2011, the company announced that it was beginning a book publishing division, The Domino Press.[2]


Founded in 1993, by Laurence Bell and Jacqui Rice, the label's first release was the Sebadoh EP Rocking the Forest, licensed from Sub Pop records for release in the UK. Many of the early releases were by American artists who in the USA were signed to Drag City (Smog, Will Oldham, Royal Trux), a relationship which continues to this day. Success was not immediate, as labels such as Domino, who were releasing more established American rock and unusual British music, were marginalised during the Britpop era, but a steady stream of new signings gave the label increasing credibility. Recent high-profile releases from Anna Calvi, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, and The Kills have only acted as a catalyst to this, and Domino is now one of the longest running and most successful independent record labels in the UK.

2003 was the label's 10th anniversary. There were a number of new releases, as well as a compilation album and a series of gigs in London under the 'Worlds of Possibility' banner, to celebrate the label's first decade in October of that year.

Domino celebrated their first UK #1 album in October 2005 with Franz Ferdinand'sYou Could Have It So Much Better, and their first UK #1 single with Arctic Monkeys' 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor' later that same month.

In March 2021, it was announced that seminal shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine had signed with the label. This announcement was accompanied by the first ever official digital release of the band's discography to streaming platforms.[3]

As well as new music, Domino have released produced compilations by British post-punk bands such as Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines and Young Marble Giants.


Domino UK[edit]

Current artists[edit]

Weird In A World That's Not PDF Free Download

Weird In A World That's Not PDF Free DownloadWorld
  • Blood Orange / Lightspeed Champion
  • Ela Minus
  • Nérija
  • Xenoula

Former artists[edit]

  • The Beautiful New Born Children
  • Bowlfish
  • Cinema
  • Director Sound
  • Benjy Ferree* Benjy Ferree
  • Fire Engines
  • Fizzarum
  • The For Carnation
  • God's Eye
  • Gummo (soundtrack)
  • HMS Ginafore
  • Mazey Fade
  • Midnight Funk Association
  • Palace / Palace Brothers / Palace Music / Palace Songs (Will Oldham, AKA Bonnie 'Prince' Billy)
  • The Pictish Trail
  • Plush
  • Policecat
  • Sandy Dirt
  • Schlammpeitziger
  • Tele:Funken
  • Terry Funken
  • V-Twin

Domino USA[edit]

Domino imprints[edit]

Geographic Music[edit]

Weird In A World That Isn't

  • International Airport
  • Kama Aina
  • Lightships
  • September Collective
  • Spinning Coin
  • Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair
  • The Royal We

Double Six Records[edit]

  • Jon Hopkins and King Creosote

Weird World[edit]

  • Silicon

Rekords Rekords[edit]

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