Vmware Fusion Esxi


Use Vagrant with VMware for improved stability, performance, and support.

  • Launch VMware Fusion. Click File Connect to Server. Type the host name or IP address followed by a user name and the password of vCenter Server or the ESXi host.
  • Type 2 hypervisors such as VMware Player, Workstation or Fusion are usually more affordable for users and IT enthusiasts than the type 1 hypervisor (ESXi Server). Not every user has a free physical server or servers in the inventory on which to try an ESXi and VMware vSphere enterprise grade virtualization solution.

VMware Workstation for Windows/Linux and VMware Fusion for MacOS are type 2 hypervisors. A “Type 1 hypervisor” runs directly on bare metal. KVM and VMware ESXi are examples of type 1 hypervisors. Type 2 hypervisors are often used on workstations or laptops to spin up additional machines with isolated operating systems.

VMware Makes Your Life Better

  • Same Vagrant Workflow

    vagrant up, vagrant ssh,vagrant destroy - the same Vagrant workflow you know and love. Vastly improve your work environments without having to re-educate your team.

  • Rock Solid Stability

    The VMware hypervisor has been in production use since 1999. All their products share the same, robust core that powers the world‘s largest organizations. With the VMware provider, Vagrant now runs on the strength of the same foundation.

  • Professional Support

    Every purchase of the Vagrant VMware provider comes with direct email support. VMware products themselves are eligible for professional support from VMware. Someone always has your back in case things are not working as well as they should be.

  • Unparalleled Performance

    VMware screams, with industry-leading performance1 based on the same hypervisor technology in use by 98% of the Fortune 500. Get all the performance gains paired with the ease of use of Vagrant.

  • Uncompromised Portability

    VMware virtual machines run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Vagrant provides support for both VMware Fusion (Mac OS X) and VMware Workstation (Linux and Windows), which are able to run the same virtual machines across multiple platforms.

  • Vagrant ♥ Open Source

    Vagrant is free and open source. While the VMware providers are not, the revenue is used to continue to develop, support, and grow Vagrant and the community around it.

1 According tothis article in MacWorldvs. Parallels Desktop 7

Pricing & Purchase

Price: $79 per seat.

A single seat can be used on two computers (such as a desktop and a laptop) for a single person. The license is valid forever with access to free maintenance updates. Future major updates may require an upgrade fee.

Enter the number of seats you wish to purchase below. Then, click the buy button and complete the order. Instructions to install and download the software will be emailed to you.

Vmware Fusion Esxi Connect

VMware Fusion 12 / VMware Workstation 16 or lower

The provider license does not include a license to the VMware software, which must be purchased separately. If you are buying over 150 licenses, [email protected] for volume pricing. By purchasing this license, you agree to theEULA and the HashiCorpPrivacy Policy andTerms of Service.

Previous plugin versions may not support the latest VMware products. Please visit thelicense upgrade centerto check if your license requires an upgrade before you upgrade your VMware products.

For reseller information,click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a trial for the Vagrant VMware plugins?

    We do not offer a trial mechanism at this time, but we do offer a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, contact us within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

  • Do you offer educational discounts on the Vagrant VMware plugins?

    We offer an academic discount of 10% for the Vagrant VMware plugins. However, we require proof that you are a current student or employee in academia. Please contact support withany one of the following forms of proof:

    • A picture of your current university ID
    • An email from your official .edu school email address
    • A copy of something on university letterhead indicating you are currently enrolled as a student
  • I already own a license, am I eligible for an upgrade?

    Existing license holders may check their upgrade eligibility by visitingthe license upgrade center. If you are eligible for an upgrade, the system will generate a unique discount code that may be used when purchasing the new license.

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  • Do I need to pay for upgrades to my license?

    The Vagrant VMware plugin licenses are valid for specific VMware product versions at the time of purchase. When new versions of VMware products are released, significant changes to the plugin code are often required to support this new version. For this reason, you may need to upgrade your current license to work with the new version of the VMware product. Customers can check their license upgrade eligibility by visiting theLicense Upgrade Centerand entering the email address with which they made the original purchase.

    Please note: your existing license will continue to work with all previous versions of the VMware products. If you do not wish to update at this time, you can rollback your VMware installation to an older version.

  • Where can I find the EULA for the Vagrant VMware Plugins?

    TheEULA for the Vagrant VMware pluginsis available on the Vagrant website.

  • Do you offer incentives for resellers?

    All our reseller information can be found on theReseller Information page.

  • Do you offer bulk/volume discounts for the Vagrant VMware plugins?

    We certainly do!Email supportwith the number of licenses you need and we can give you bulk pricing information. Please note that bulk pricing requires the purchase ofat least 150 seats.

  • Does this include the VMware software?

    The Vagrant VMware Plugin requires the separate purchase of VMware Fusion/Workstation from VMware. The VMware product is not bundled with the plugin.

  • Why is the Vagrant VMware plugin not working with my trial version of VMware Fusion/Workstation?

    While we have not been able to isolate to a specific issue or cause, the Vagrant VMware Fusion and Vagrant VMware Workstation plugins are sometimes incompatible with the trial versions of the VMware products.

    Please try restarting your computer and running the VMware software manually. Occasionally you must accept the license agreement before VMware will run. If you do not see any errors when opening the VMware GUI, you may need to purchase the full version to use the plugin. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Can I use VMware Workstation Player?

    Some features of the Vagrant VMware Workstation plugin will work with VMware Player, but it is not officially supported. Vagrant interacts with VMware via the VMware API, and some versions of VMware Workstation Player do not support those APIs. When in doubt, please purchase VMware Workstation Pro to use all the features supported by the integration.

  • Do I need VMware Fusion/Workstation Pro or just the regular version?

    The Vagrant VMware plugin is compatible with both the regular and Pro versions of VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation. However, some advanced features (such as linked clones), are only supported by the Pro versions of the VMware software.

    Please consult the VMware documentation to determine which features are supported by the Pro and non-Pro versions to determine which product you need to purchase.

Vmware Esxi Pricing

Known Issues

Vmware Fusion Esxi Copy Paste

  • Big Sur

    There are some notable issues for the VMWare provider on Mac OS Big Sur. For more information please refer to the known issues section in the documentation for Big Sur:

    Please also see the 'Known Issues' section of the VMWare 12 relese notes.

Vmware Fusion Convert To Esxi

I use a MacBook Pro for work, and naturally my job involves a good amount of VM usage. VMWare Fusion is supposed to have good integration with ESXi, allowing you to connect to servers, manage VMs remotely, and transfer them to/from them. I find that the remote management works pretty well, and downloading VMs works most of the time, but I couldn’t get uploading them to our ESXi 6.5 host to work; I would always get cryptic errors like Invalid configuration for device '0'. Even exporting the VM to an OVA file and importing it on the web interface wouldn’t work. One ticket with VMWare Support later and I finally have the correct import procedure:

  1. Remove unnecessary devices from the VM such as Bluetooth controllers and printers. You may also have to remove the network adapter and re-add it after import depending on the ESXi host’s settings.
  2. In the VM settings, under Compatibility, change the Hardware Version to 12; while Version 13 claims to support ESXi 6.5, VMWare support directed me to use 12 instead, and it didn’t work until I did.
  3. Export the VM as an OVF.
  4. Open the exported folder and find the .ovf file. It’s an XML file that describes the VM. Open it in your favorite text editor and change the videoRamSizeInKB entry to 128MB (131072).
  5. Upload the modified OVF folder to your ESXi host.
Vmware Fusion Esxi

Vmware Esxi Free

After that, your VM should be ready to use.