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Vectrex display. Saved by 8-Bit Central. Vintage Video Games Classic Video Games Retro Video Games Vintage Games Video Game Art Vintage Toys Sega Video Games Mini. Vectrex was a really interesting system released in 1982. It was licensed and distributed first by General Consumer Electric (GCE) in the United States and Milton Bradley took over international marketing for the unit. The unit had a build in vector monitor and had cartridges for different games.

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We are pleased to be able to offer new replacement fascias / overlays for the Vectrex Joypad controller.

Easy to fit, this is the adhesive upper layerwhich surrounds the joystick and three buttons on the controller.

This is the American (GCE) version of the fascia

-- Buy with Confidence - RWAP Services have been supporting Retro Computers since 1987 --

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Vectrex unit with their controllers, games and artworks.
Manufacturer(s)Smith Engineering (hardware making)

Milton Bradley ( re-release) / )

Release Date(s) 1982-11



CPU(s) Motorola M6809
Sound chip(s)AY-3-8912A, DAC
Music sectionVectrex

The Vectrex (known as Kousokusen in Japan, ja:光速船) vectrex was a 8-bit video game console developed by Smith Engineering, but it was distributed and licensed to General Consumer Electronics. When Milton Bradley purchased GCE, MB handled the sales of Vectrex. The Vectrex is known to be the only video game system in the world to display vector graphics, just his name says. It was released first in USA, and later, in Europe and Japan. In Japan, the Vectrex was released as one of the Bandai's three imported-from-America video games, the other two beings the Emerson Arcadia and the MattelIntellivision. Unlike the Arcadia, Bandai wasn't developed any exclusive games for that region, and Bandai didn't was translated the games, only their packages and instruction manuals.

The console was fallen into the Crash of the Video Games, and didn't was seen again, until Rantmedia Games releases the Vectrex Regeneration, a compilation of Vectrex games for the iOS-based devices.

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Launch titles

  • MineStorm (built-in)


Musics and SFXs are done by the AY8912 sound chip.

Victrex Usa

VGM Scene

You can log Vectrex musics into VGM only in MESS. A few Vectrex games was also been ripped into the VGM format.

External links

  • Vectrex Regeneration at Rantmedia Games
Devices that use AY-3-8912
Amstrad CPC464(Plus / CPC6128 Plus)Amstrad GX4000 • Atrache • Kontiki 100 • Multi 8 • Oric 1 • VectrexZX Spectrum 128
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Atari 5200 • CreatiVision • ColecoVisionIntellivisionVectrex • Super Vision 8000

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