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10+ Best Value Proposition Templates – PSD, PPT, Illustration Documents Download! If you are a businessman, then it is essential to know the ways in which your business will earn money. Without value proposition you can never get to know the kind of partner you require, the way in which the most important operation of the business will be. Download the eBook Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want in PDF or EPUB format and read it directly on your mobile phone, computer or any device. Value Proposition Canvas. Compare product benefits to customer pains and needs with this colorful value proposition canvas. Download Free Version (DOC format) Download Free Version (PDF format) My safe download promise. Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. Downloaded 10,000 times.

Salient Point has developed a new template for use alongside the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to help compare different potential value propositions:

Download the FREE Value Proposition Analysis Canvas and Template NOW* Who is george lucas? pdf free download.

As the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas have become more popular, I find myself working with them more and more. Often the challenge I find, especially when working on commercialising an existing technology, is deciding which value propositions will work. This is critically dependent on customer feedback and positioning in the competitive landscape, neither of which are captured in the Value Proposition canvas.

To help with this process, I have developed a Value Proposition Analysis canvas and template, which I use either before moving to the better known canvases or alongside them. This allows me to capture the key information about each potential value proposition for discussion, debate, and ultimately to select the strongest to take forwards.

This has become a key tool for me in the Review – Develop – Enquire cycle – using the analysis canvas and template to capture what we know and see what is missing (see Markets for Startups 3 – Finding Markets for more on this process).


Download the FREE Value Proposition Analysis Canvas and Template NOW*

I’ve released the canvas and template under a Creative Commons license so you are free to use and modify the template for your own purposes as long as you credit Salient Point as the creator – see Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for more details.

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Flat Value Proposition Canvas PowerPoint Template – The Value Proposition Canvas is a business model design tool developed by Alex Osterwalder in his books Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design. The core concepts of the Business Tool are based on the design thinking principles applied to Business Models. With the Value Proposition Design Methodologies Entrepreneurs, Executives and Product Managers observe customers in a structured way in order to create products and services that create value to them. These methodologies are inspired by the mantra of True Value Creation. Value Proposition Design helps teams to organize information of what customers really want, and through the identification of value patterns, target customers pains and gains with real value that will relieve their pains and will empower their gains.

With the ValueProposition Canvas organizations and Startups can leverage the experience and knowledge of their teams about their customers and products, minimizing risks and changing the approach to failure into a learning experience. The canvas has 2 main sides (extracted from the Business Model Canvas):

  • The left side represents the Value Propositions (Value Map)
    • Products and Services: This is your (from the designers perspective) value proposition implementation.
    • Gain Creators: How your products and services create customer gains.
    • Pain Relievers: How your products and services minimize the customer pains.
  • The right side the Customer Segments (Customer Profile). In this section designers review the three main components of Customers needs
    • Customer Job: What customers really need to get done in their life or work.These are real life problems a customer (individual or business) face in their everyday tasks.
    • Customer Pains: This set contains what is annoying customers in their jobs (before, during or after)
    • Customer Gains: These are the benefits customers expect as outcome of the jobs.

Value Proposition Design Pdf

The main objective of Value Proposition Design, and the ordered data (hypothesis and findings) over the Value Proposition Canvas is to Deliver through your products and services, what customers really want. The value proposition slide canvas can be applied in any Lean Startup PPT.

Value Proposition Template Free

The Flat Value Proposition Canvas PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation that contains several slides with PowerPoint Diagrams of each section of the Value Proposition Canvas.If provides a complete Value Proposition Canvas in poster mode, that can be resized and printed in order to exercise real Value Proposition Design with your team. The template provides virtualsticky notes in order to share digitally the presentations (through collaboration tools like Microsoft PowerPoint Online, Google Slides or Dropbox) with sharing privileges to the users , and write each concept in the sticky note.

Value Proposition Design Pdf free. download full

Each of the components of the canvas is created as PowerPoint Shapes, allowing the user to fully customize their appearance. The models can be used in existing presentations or modified to be match specific themes. The user can browse any of our powerpoint templates strategy options in order to complement the presentation.