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Kindle for Mac, Amazon’s Mac application that allows you to read Kindle e-books on your computer, has been updated and given a fresh coat of paint.

Kindle for Mac 1.30: This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. RSPCRC, Re-download EVERY book individually after replacing disk So, I replaced my hard drive. How to Transfer and Install the Update on Your Kindle Use the USB cable that came with Kindle (or any other Micro USB cable) to connect the Kindle with your PC or Mac. Kindle will now show up as a. Uninstall Kindle for Pc, download old version kindle for pc 1.24. Uncheck automatically update in options in Kindle for pc. Re-download ebook and try again. How to deregister Kindle for pc. Latest version kindle for Mac can change to KF8 mode to remove drm. You download and install Kindle for Mac v1.30, NOT run kindle app. Kindle for Mac 1.30: This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. P0b, Insufficient functionality and unrealiable The most recent update has managed to fix the issues with logging in but that doesn’t fix the fact the app is just not that great. Oct 03, 2011 A new volume, called Kindle, will appear on your Mac. You can open it up and see the files inside. The key folders inside the Kindle volume are audible, documents, and music.

Amazon’s updated reader now lets you add and edit notes and highlight passages, both of which are synced across all Kindle devices and apps using the company’s Whispersync technology. This update also includes the ability to search within a book, a much-requested feature. Multi-column reading mode, which was just added to the iOS Kindle apps, makes its debut on Kindle for Mac with this release as well.

New features aren’t the only changes in this release. The app sports a refreshed user interface that is much cleaner and, to this blogger’s eye, looks more ‘Mac like’ (I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it).

As always, Kindle for Mac allows you use your Mac to read any e-book that you purchased from Amazon’s Kindle Store. It also syncs your current reading location as well as notes and highlights across all members of the Kindle ecosystem, including hardware Kindles and the variety of Kindle applications for both computers and smartphones.

Kindle for Mac is free and requires OS X 10.5 or higher.

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Convert Kindle to PDF Calibre 2020

I want to convert my kindle books to pdf so that I can read it with my remarkable. Is there any to convert kindle to pdf free?


“I want to convert my kindle books to pdf so that I can read it with my remarkable. Is there any to convert kindle to pdf free?”

Sure, you can convert kindle books to pdf with Calibre for free. In this article, I will walk you through how to convert kindle to pdf Calibre.

Quick Access:
Method 1: Convert Kindle to PDF with Calibre
Method 2: Alternative Solution to Converting Kindle to PDF

Method 1: Convert Kindle to PDF with Calibre

Note: If your are on Mac catalina 10.15, this method will not work on you. Please skip to the alternative method to convert kindle to pdf.

Step 1. Download Kindle books via Kindle for PC/MAC

Please download your kindle books via Kindle for PC or Mac. If you are now using the Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 or later version, you will get the kindle books with the latest Kindle DRM which cannot be decrypted by Calibre DRM Removal Plugin. So please delete the older version of kindle app from your computer and then install the older version.

Kindle for PC V1.24 Download
Kindle for Mac V1.23 Download

Note: Please uncheck the auto update option.

Then register the Kindle app with your Amazon account and redownload your kindle books again.

Step 2. Download Calibre and DRM Removal Plugin

Step 3. Install DRM Remvoal Plugin to Calibre

Please note that all kindle books are encrypted with DRM so we have to remove kindle DRM at first before converting kindle books. That's why we have to install DRM Removal Plugin to Calibre.

Find the Calibre DRM Removal Plugin file and select to unzip it. And you'll get a a folder with files as the below picture. You don't need to unzip the files in this folder.

After calibre has been installed, click on Preference>>Advanced>>plugin>>load plugin from file>>select the DeDRM_plugin.zip file and then click 'Yes'.

Note: You need to restart the Calibre to ensure the DRM Removal plugin to take effect.

Step 4. Remove Kindle DRM

Click '+Add books' in Calibre, go to 'my kindle content' folder where stored your downloaded kindle books, then add the books to Calibre, the DRM will be removed automatically.

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Step 5. Convert Kindle books to PDF with Calibre

Then right click the book title>>Convert books>> Convert individually>>select 'PDF' as the output format in the pop up window and then click on 'ok' button. Give it a few seconds, your book will be converted successfully.

Update Kindle Paperwhite Mac

Update Kindle Mac

Method 2: Alternative Solution to Converting Kindle to PDF


What if I my computer is Mac catalina 10.15? I cannot install the older version of Kindle for Mac on Mac catalina.
I don’t want to downgrade my kindle app to older version.

Update Kindle Manually

Here is another solution: imElfin Kindle Converter which can convert kindle books on both windows and Mac, even the Mac Catalina 10.15. Learn how to convert kindle to PDF with imElfin Kindle Converter.

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Download imIelfin Kindle Converter for Wins
Download imIelfin Kindle Converter for Mac