Unable To Write To Iphoto Library

  • Yesterday, I dragged my iPhoto Library to my Dropbox 'photos' folder. I can see from Dropbox that the file transferred successfully (comically, along with the gazillion 'face' images iPhoto has recognized). Now, when I open iPhoto (holding Option key while opening), I can see that the iPhoto library lives in my Dropbox folder.
  • The solution (once he became aware of it) was to open Photos, select Import (Library), find Library under iPhoto and click on it. It worked lickety-split. The same was true for iMovie. El Capitan apparently does not come with Movie, but he was able to download it for free (presumably from the Apple Store).

I first tried rebuilding the iPhoto database (see iPhoto 4 or later: Rebuilding the iPhoto Library ), but that didn’t help. Then I came across this document on Apple Support: iPhoto 6: Image appears when browsing but is blank or exclamation mark when editing. Apparently, the exclamation mark indicates that iPhoto is unable to find the file.

I am having trouble moving my photo library file to my Seagate external drive.
I am using OS X el Capitan 10.11.1 & my Seagate drive works perfectly well with the Mac (it is OS X Extended (Journaled) format), I can read/write to it as usual.
When in Photos, I am in Preferences (General tab) and am trying to change the library location of the .photolibrary as described by Apple.
When I move the file to the external drive and then double click, I get the message ...
Switch Libraries - do you want to switch the current Photos Library to from 'old library' to 'new library'
I then click on 'Switch', after a few seconds I get the message..
when I look at Console I get the following error:
Mar 9 18:53:25 Richards-MacBook-Pro PhotosRelauncher[7520]: App to relaunch:file:///Applications/Photos.app/, library:file:///Volumes/4TB%20External%20Drive/Photos%20Library%20NEW.photoslibrary/
Mar 9 18:53:25 Richards-MacBook-Pro PhotosRelauncher[7520]: Launch with library url.
Mar 9 18:53:26 Richards-MacBook-Pro com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.apple.xpc.launchd.domain.pid.Photos.7521): Path not allowed in target domain: type = pid, path = /Library/Frameworks/iTunesLibrary.framework/Versions/A/XPCServices/com.apple.iTunesLibraryService.xpc error = 147: The specified service did not ship in the requestor's bundle, origin = /Applications/Photos.app
Mar 9 18:53:37 Richards-MacBook-Pro Photos[7521]: Error: Error Domain=com.apple.reddwarf Code=26 'RDErrorLibraryOnUnsupportedFilesystem' UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Volumes/4TB%20External%20Drive/Photos%20Library%20NEW.photoslibrary/, NSLocalizedDescription=RDErrorLibraryOnUnsupportedFilesystem, NSUnderlyingError=0x7f9ded461c70 {Error Domain=com.apple.lithium Code=321 'LiErrorUnsupportedFilesystem' UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Volumes/4TB%20External%20Drive/Photos%20Library%20NEW.photoslibrary/, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Windows NT Filesystem, NSLocalizedDescription=LiErrorUnsupportedFilesystem}}} while trying to open Photos Library NEW.photoslibrary
I have tried rebuilding the drive with disk utility, same result - I also have a second Seagate drive I use elsewhere, tried it on that, same result.
I have spoken to Seagate, they say their drive should work, it is a mac issue.. anybody any help on this issue please?

This is a fairly common error taking many forms, shown when opening a photos library with the Photos app. Your library is most likely still intact and your photos still stored safely. Just because Photos can’t automatically repair the library on launch doesn’t mean it is unrecoverable. Here’s some steps you can take to recover your photos.

Unable To Write To Iphoto Library

Photos library could not be opened

The library could not be opened.
Photos has attempted to repair the library Photos Library.photoslibrary but is unable to open it.

Unable To Write To Iphoto Library

The most common cause of this is a permissions problem. Not necessarily that you don’t have the permission, as Photos will prompt for administrator permissions if that’s simply the case, but that permissions can’t be obtained, even with administrator. For example, if the library is open elsewhere: on another Mac on the network, for example.

Remote access windows 10 On your local Windows 10 PC: In the search box on the taskbar, type Remote Desktop Connection, and then select Remote Desktop Connection. In Remote Desktop Connection, type the name of the PC you want to connect to (from Step 1), and then select Connect. Windows 7 and early version of Windows 10 To configure your PC for remote access, download and run the Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant. This assistant updates your system settings to enable remote access, ensures your computer is awake for connections, and checks that your firewall allows Remote Desktop connections.

If that didn’t fix it for you, you can manually try repairing the library. If it’s a permissions problem, Photos.app doesn’t like to ask for administrator privileges automatically, instead just saying that Photos attempted to repair the library but is unable to open it without actually trying to repair it. You can force Photos to try to repair the library by holding ⌥option and ⌘command whilst launching Photos. Photos.app will try to repair the library and it may ask you for administrator privileges.

Photos library could not be created

Photos could not upgrade your library because it is on an unsupported disk volume

This error is likely due to an incorrect partition format, such as NTFS which can’t be written to. Photos requires write permission to create a library or to migrate a library from iPhoto. You can fix this by copying the library to somewhere where you can write to, such as your ~/Pictures directory — the default location for photos in your home folder.

Using Console.app for error research

For more information on an error message shown in Photos like this, open Console.app, in /Applications/Utilities/ and search for “photo”, perhaps choosing Process for this search. This can be extremely telling in what the problem is. For example, in my case, the important lines here is that photolibraryd “failed to open library” with an error message:

photolibraryd: Failed to open library Photos Library.photoslibrary Error: Error Domain=com.apple.lithium Code=54 “locked by remote host” UserInfo=0x7fafbbb48d90 {NSURL=file:///Volumes/Server/Shared%20Folders/Photos/Photos%20Library.photoslibrary/database/metaSchema.db.lock, NSLocalizedDescription=locked by remote host, NSLocalizedFailureReason=locked by host georgegarside.com}

The important content here is why the library failed to open. Here, the problem is that the library is “locked by remote host” which means that the library is open somewhere else on the network, as specified by the NSLocalizedDescription. The NSLocalizedFailureReason also includes the hostname of the Mac on the network which has locked the library—in this case, the device with the hostname of georgegarside.com. If you find that messages in the Console are hidden as <private>, you may need to set the Console privacy level to see private logs.


What Does Unable To Write To Iphoto Library Mean

The solution to this issue: close Photos.app on the other Mac, or open a different library on that Mac if there are multiple libraries available.