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The second album in the discography of the band from Birmingham. About this album say it - a bridge between the pop singles of the group late 60s and Electric Light Orchestra .. A mixture of Californian psychedelia, heavy metal riffs, thundering drums and quotations from classical composers - the album was warmly received by music critics, and among fans as the best album of The Move. The last album, where the vocalist was Carl Wayne. Shazam music reflects the dichotomy that existed in the group, like split personality: one side of the plate consists of original songs of their own, the second - from covers of other people's. Wayne pleases as a vocalist for its wide range, from hard rock falsetto ('Hello Susie') to the touching and gentle voices in the ballad 'Beautiful Daughter'. He plays the role of master of ceremonies, leading between songs, comments, takes interviews with different people, find out their attitude towards pop music, etc. One can easily imagine him in a tuxedo and bow tie leading cabaret .. Things like 'Hello Susie' and 'Do not Make My Baby Blue' with their distorted (through the effect of 'distortion') riffs and drums sounded monstroidnymi It would be quite a place on the debut album Black Sabbath (not by accident, drummer Bev Bevan in 1983-84 traveled on tour with Black Sabbath, and in 1987 enrolled in their album The Eternal Idol). Wood Song 'Hello Susie' was originally performed by British pop band Amen Corner and got into the Top 5, but it was Amen Corner poppy variant, performs faster. The Move made it much harder. The Move also made a new version of its controversial superhit 'Cherry Blossom Clinic', calling it 'Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited' - the first verse Wayne does not sing, and timidly pronounces, at a slower pace, this time without the violins and brass, but implemented in her whole medley of classical music, including Bach and Tchaikovsky, played on the guitar. Drummer scourged Beavan said Shazam best album The Move, and agree with him many fans. In Wood's album is associated with unpleasant memories of that time. As soon record an album, the manager again, Walsh launched a group tour of the English theater. This finally finished off Wood. One night, Wood did not get along with the owner of the cabaret, he called him 'fagot' and Wood launched his glass. Behind the scenes of Wayne 'hit' on Wood. As a result, intsindenta, the original spirit of the group died .. more charismatic Wayne had hoped to revive the old structure, calling back guitarist Trevor Burton and bassist Chris 'Ace' Kefforda, but were against the other (that is totally different) charismatic Roy Wood and scourged Beavan .. Knowing that Wood is planning a new project of orchestral rock with Jeff Lynne, Wayne suggested Voodoo fully concentrate on the new group, and continue to write songs for The Move. But Wood refused, and as a result the group has left himself Wayne, and even before the album was released Shazam. Instead, Carl Wayne The Move came Jeff Lynne .. In this edition of the original album added 8 bonuses as they were selected, by what criterion - I do not understand and do not advise you to understand ..

All tracks written by Roy Wood except where noted.
01. Hello Susie - 5:19
02. Beautiful Daughter - 2:35
03. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited - 7:40
04. Fields Of People (Wyatt Day / Jon Pierson) - 10:54
05. Do not Make My Baby Blue (Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil) - 6:13
06. The Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton) - 7:34
07. This Time Tomorrow (Dave Morgan) - 3:40
08. A Certain Something (Dave Morgan) - 3:42
09. Curly (alternate mix) - 2:42
10. Wild Tiger Woman (stereo mix) - 2:52
11. Omnibus (full-length version) - 4:07
12. Something (demo version) (Dave Morgan) - 3:57
13. This Time Tomorrow (demo version) (Dave Morgan) - 2:31
14. Blackberry Way (alternate mix) - 3:37
- Roy Wood - guitars, vocals, producer (01-06)
- Carl Wayne - lead vocals, producer (01-06)
- Rick Price - vocals, bass, producer (01-06)
- Bev Bevan - drums, percussion
- Tony Visconti - bass (02), producer (08), recorder (08), string and woodwind arrangements
- Mike Hurst - producer (07,09)
- Denny Cordell - producer (08,10,11)
- Trevor Burton - bass (08,10,11,14), vocals (08,10,11,14), lead guitar (12)
- Nicky Hopkins - piano (08,10,11)
- Glyn Johns - producer (10,11)
- Dave Morgan - guitar (12,13)
- Richard Tandy - bass (12), harpsichord (14)
- Jimmy Miller - producer (14)

Shazam is the second studio album by English rock band the Move, released in February 1970 by Regal Zonophone.The LP marked a bridge between the band's quirky late '60s pop singles and the progressive, long-form style of Roy Wood's next project, the Electric Light Orchestra.

Directed by David F. With Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer. A newly fostered young boy in search of his mother instead finds unexpected super powers and soon gains a powerful enemy. Apple catalina upgrade. Throwing out the concise constructions and meticulous miniatures of their psychedelic singles, the Move concentrate on heavy progressive rock on Shazam.
Studio Album, released in 1970
Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hello Susie (4:51)
2. Beautiful Daughter (2:51)
3. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited (7:40)
4. Fields Of People (10:58)
5. Don't Make My Baby Blue (6:02)
6. The Last Thing On My Mind (7:36)
Total time 39:58
Bonus tracks on 1993 & 1998 CD release - 'Something Else From The Move' 1968 Live EP :
7. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (3:00)
8. Stephanie Knows Who (3:03)
9. Something Else (2:24)
10. It'll Be Me (2:37)
11. Sunshine Help Me (5:12)
Extra bonus tracks on 1998 CD reissue - previously unreleased Live EP outtakes :
12. Piece Of My Heart (4:03)
13. Too Much In Love (2:27)
14. Higher And Higher (3:31)
15. Sunshine Help Me (6:34)
Bonus tracks on 2016 CD remaster:
7. Wild Tiger Woman (single) (2:41)
8. Omnibus (side B) (3:56)
9. Blackberry Way (single) 3.39 10 A Certain Something (side B) (3:34)
10. Curly (single) (2:46)
11. This Time Tomorrow (B Side) (3:43)
12. Hello Susie (abridged US Single Version) (3:32)
13. Second Class (She's Too Good For Me) (studio 1968) (3:43)

Line-up / Musicians

The Move Shazam

- Carl Wayne / lead vocals
- Roy Wood / guitars, vocals
- Rick Price / bass, vocals
- Bev Bevan / drums, percussion
- Tony Visconti / strings and woodwind arrangements

The move shazam

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Releases information

Artwork: Mike Sheridan 'Nickleby'
LP Regal Zonophone ‎- SLRZ 1012 (1970, UK)
LP Music On Vinyl ‎- MOVLP1623 (2016, Europe) Remastered (?)
CD Repertoire Records ‎- REP 4296-WY (1993, Germany) With 5 bonus Live tracks from 1968
CD Repertoire Records ‎- REP 4691-WY (1998, Germany) Remastered (?) with 9 bonus Live tracks
CD Esoteric Recordings ‎- ECLEC 2539 (2016, UK) Remastered by Ben Wiseman with 8 bonus tracks

The Move Shazam

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