Ssush15: World War Ius History


SSUSH14 Explain America’s evolving relationship with the world at the turn of the twentieth century.

a. Describe how the Spanish-American War, war in the Philippines, and territorial expansion led to the debate over American imperialism.

Ssush15: World War Ius History War

United States History, 9-12 SSUSH15 The student will analyze the origins and impact of U.S. Involvement in World War I. US History Unit 6 Study Guide SSUSH14 & SSUSH15 3 20. True or False - The Chinese Exclusion Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1882 as a result of American nativism, prohibited any further Chinese immigration for 10 years? Cuba gained its independence from Spain as a result of what war?

b. Examine U.S. involvement in Latin America, as reflected by the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine and the creation of the Panama Canal.

SSUSH15 Analyze the origins and impact of U.S. involvement in World War I.

a. Describe the movement from U.S. neutrality to engagement in World War I, including unrestricted submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegram.

b. Explain the domestic impact of World War I, including the origins of the Great Migration, the Espionage Act, and socialist Eugene Debs.

c. Explain Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the debate over U.S. entry into the League of Nations.


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SSUSH16 Investigate how political, economic, and cultural developments after WW I led to a shared national identity.

a. Explain how fears of rising communism and socialism in the United States led to the Red Scare and immigrant restriction.

b. Describe the effects of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Amendments.

Ssush15: World War Ius History Dbq

c. Examine how mass production and advertising led to increasing consumerism, including Henry Ford and the automobile.

Ssush15: World War Ius History Timeline

d. Describe the impact of radio and movies as a unifying force in the national culture.

Ssush15: World War Ius History Channel

e. Describe the emergence of modern forms of cultural expression including the origins of jazz and the Harlem Renaissance.