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  1. It is easier to run Squirrel from your PC or Mac and point it at the Sandbox Phoenix server (make sure ports are open). If you installed the Linux version on the sandbox, you will need to be in the VM graphical UI to see Squirrel Sql run as it is a GUI program and not a Web UI.
  2. SQuirreL SQL is a client for accessing SQL databases through a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface). Because SQuirreL SQL is written in the Java programming language, it can run on any computer with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  1. Squirrel Sql Mac Not Starting
  2. Squirrel Sql Client Oracle

Versions of SQuirreL with individual plugins. The correct version of each available plugin is always provided in the SQuirreL SQL Client install jar. To install a Plugin hosted on other sitesessentially all you need to do is to drop the Plugin files into the plugin/ directory of your SQuirreL SQL installtion directory. For further details. Sep 27, 2013 A query like ‘select. from PUB.customer;’ can then be entered, to run the SQL query click on the running man button or press the keyboard buttons Ctrl and Enter simultaneously. (For OpenEdge versions prior to version 10.1A the DLC variable needs to be set before launching the SQuirreL SQL Client.).

Question or issue on macOS:

Squirrel Sql Mac Not Starting

I am Launching SQuirrel SQL on Mac OS X(El Capitan) that has JDK1.8 on it produces an error message saying the JDK-version should be at least 1.6. It then quits. SQL client version is 3.7. How do I resolve this?

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

I ran into similar issue and the following change fixed the issue. Open the Application Folder in finder and open the App Package Contents and navigate to Contents/MacOS/. Open the squirrel-sql.sh file and update the value of “SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME” around line 56.

Out of box, the value would be

SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME=`dirname “$0″`/Contents/Resources/Java

Update this to

Squirrel Sql Client Oracle


Thanks to https://sourceforge.net/p/squirrel-sql/bugs/1232/#6bc6


Squirrel Sql Mac

Solution no. 2:

  1. Open the squirrel-sql.sh file (/Applications/SQuirreLSQL.app/Contents/MacOS/squirrel-sql.sh)
  2. Follow the suggests at line 62 to choose the right ‘SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME=..‘ line by commenting the wrong one and uncommenting the right one. Just like this:

Solution no. 3:

The shell script now comes with Alternative solutions ready. Alternative 2 works for me. Just commented out Alternative 1 and uncommented the 2.

Open the script file as in @vijay answer.

Hope this helps!