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You can add existing Active Directory users to XG Firewall. Add an AD server, import groups, and set the primary authentication method. Objectives When you complete this unit, you’ll know how to do the following: Add and configure an Active Directory server on the firewall. Gremlin chaos testing. Import AD groups using the Import group wizard.

  • This article describes the steps to integrate Sophos Firewall with Active Directory (AD) for users authentication and access control.

Determining NetBIOS, Domain Name and Search Queries

Note Sophos Azure Active Directory synchronization can be used with Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Email. It has not been tested with other Sophos products. Sophos XG Firewall: Integrate XG Firewall with Azure AD; Azure MFA NPS extension: The request was discarded by a third-party extension DLL file; Windows failed to apply the MDM Policy settings; Sophos UTM/XG: Clear the ARP / Neighbor table; Microsoft 365: Get started with the Migration Manager; Mailflow issue from Exchange On-Prem to Office 365.

Sophos Xg Azure Ad
  • From Active Directory, go to Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click the required domain and go to the Properties tab.
  • Search Queries are based on the domain name (DN). In this example, domain name is, so the search query is: dc=sophos, dc=com

Adding AD to Sophos Firewall

  • Login to Sophos XG Firewall Web Admin by https://<Please change your owned ip>:4444
  • Username (default) : admin.
  • Password (default): admin (You can change password).
  • Go to Authentication > Servers and click Add to configure the Active Directory.
  • Fill Active Directory Parameters to the cells (Please fill your AD Parameters owned, this is just example).

Setting AD as the primary authentication method

  • Go to Authentication > Services, under Firewall Authentication Methods, select the recently added AD server as the primary authentication server.
  • Local server is selected as primary by default. Make sure that the recently added AD server is the first in the Selected Authentication Server list.

Importing AD groups

  • Go to Authentication > Servers and click onicon to launch the wizard.

Sophos Xg Azure Ad Sync

  • Enter the Base DN. In this example the Base DN is: dc=sophos, dc=com (Please enter your Base DN owned).

Sophos Utm Azure Ad Authentication

  • Select the OUs and groups to be imported in Sophos Firewall.
  • Optionally, select common policies to attach to the selected groups.

Sophos Xg Firewall Pricing

  • Review the settings.

Sophos Xg Azure Administrator

  • The Wizard has imported the selected groups into Sophos Firewall and added them to the bottom of the groups list.

Sophos Xg Azure Ad

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