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  1. Sophos Remove Tamper Protection Regedit
  2. Sophos Uninstall Tamper Protection
  3. Sophos Kba 119175

Start the “Sophos Anti-Virus” service. Launch the Sophos Console and click “Authenticate User” 9. Insert the password “password” 10. Click “Configure tamper protection” 11. Uncheck the box “Enable Tamper protection” and click “OK” 12. Now run the the uninstallation process again and the software should uninstall. For reference, the Sophos Central managed client., Sophos Central Endpoint and Central Server: How to uninstall Sophos using the command line or a batch file. Article ID: 122126; Updated: 4., All Groups &mid.

Sophos Remove Tamper Protection Regedit

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Sophos Uninstall Tamper Protection

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Sophos Kba 119175