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NameSecond Nature Screensaver Graphic
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      • Second Nature Screensaver Graphic

Second Nature Screensaver Graphic (SNX) is the format used for image files used by the Second Nature screensaver program. Some SNX files are just JPEG files wrapped with a custom header which software like IrfanView can view. Others are of an unknown format with no known converter.

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You will need to edit your Slideshw.ini file in windows with the name of your collections. Copy your collection to the hard drive (usually it is in C: SLIDESHW Images.)If the file names of your collection does not match your ini file, your collection will not work. Also to convert.snx Second Nature files to.jpeg Serif photo Plus works great. What is a SNX file? File with an.SNX extension contains the PISnoop work environment settings, such as types, size and position of opened windows. It is generated automatically while initiating work in the ECU creation and testing software. ECU engineering (electronic unit controlling a car engine) is an advanced branch of industry. Mar 10, 2021 Graphics. As far as we know, it's not possible to convert images from Second Nature (. Snx files) to JPEG format, because these files are encrypted and only work in that system. As for the other snx file types, we do not know about any other that contain graphics and can be somehow exported or saved to JPEG. Open SNX file Open JPEG file.

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