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How can I use Amazon CloudWatch Logs to monitor that text messages sent through Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) are being delivered?

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a managed service that provides message delivery from publishers to subscribers (also known as producers and consumers ). Publishers communicate asynchronously with subscribers by sending messages to a topic, which is a logical access point and communication channel.
  • Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) The Supplemental Nursing System is an ideal way to administer supplemental nutrition to babies while they are being breastfed. The system supports the unique bonding between mum and baby, motivating both of them to keep moving towards a more satisfying breastfeeding experience.

Amazon SNS also offers scalable SMS messaging to 200+ countries. It has no upfront costs and you can pay as you go. With Amazon SNS, you can also mark your SMS messages as Transactional or Promotional based on the use-case and content of your messages. To learn more about message types, visit the FAQs. Amazon SNS enables you to send messages or notifications directly to users with SMS text messages to over 200 countries, mobile push on Apple, Android, and other platforms or email (SMTP). Amazon SNS provides redundancy across multiple SMS providers and allows you to push mobile notifications using a single endpoint for all platforms.


Configure CloudWatch Logs for text messages sent through Amazon SNS. You can then view logs of successful and failed message deliveries.

Configure text messaging preferences

  1. Open the Amazon SNS console.
  2. Open the left navigation menu, expand Mobile, and then choose Text messaging (SMS).
  3. On the Mobile text messaging (SMS) page, next to Text messaging preferences, choose Edit.
  4. On the Edit text messaging preferences page, expand Delivery status logging - optional.
  5. Under the IAM roles section, choose Create new service role.
  6. Choose Create new roles. The AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console appears.
  7. On the IAM console permission request page, choose Allow.
  8. Choose Save changes.

Send a test SMS message

  1. In the Amazon SNS console, on the Mobile text messaging (SMS) page, choose Publish text message.
  2. Under Publish SMS message, do the following:
    For Message type, choose Transactional.
    For Phone number, enter the phone number where you want to receive your test SMS message.
    For Message, enter the message body of your test SMS message.
    For Sender ID - optional, if you want, enter a customer sender ID.
  3. Choose Publish message. The phone number you entered should receive the test SMS message.

Check the provider response logs

Aws texting
  1. Open the CloudWatch console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Logs, and then choose Log groups.
  3. In the Filter field, enter sns to find only log groups for Amazon SNS.
  4. Choose the group with DirectPublishToPhoneNumber in its name.

Note: Log groups with Failure appended to the end of the name are for failed deliveries.

Aws Texting

5. Under Log Streams, choose the ID of the log stream.

6. Expand the log event. Password protect zip file mac 2020. For providerResponse, you'll see 'Message has been accepted by phone'.

View opted-out phone numbers

Sns Sms Failing

Recipients can opt out their phone numbers from receiving SMS messages from your AWS account. For more information, see Opting out of receiving SMS messages.

Sns Sms Supported Countries

To view opted-out phone numbers, check Opted-out phone numbers on the Mobile text messaging (SMS) page of the Amazon SNS console.

Sns Smallpox Vaccine

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