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The power of the undermount..

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In contrast to conventional undermount slide systems, Dynapro is the first slide that features a synchronization mechanism. This mechanical synchronization of each individual slide ensures enhanced comfort and movement without annoying sounds or resistance.

The operating function of Dynapro remains unchanged even when moving heavy loads. Loads of up to 132 pounds present no problem for Dynapro. Abrasion-resistant nylon rollers ensure smooth and even operation. Available for 16 mm drawer material or 19 mm drawer material.


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Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, the Dynapro slide system moves without any annoying noise or resistance.


Efficient. Effective. Concealed.


Dynapro, the new generation of undermount slides for wood drawers, combines intelligent features plus superb gliding action for today’s modern cabinetry.

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4D adjustment for perfect alignment: Height, Side, Depth, and Tilt adjustment

Dynapro undermount slides offer a variety of Front Locking Devices to provide two, three, or four-dimensional adjustments. The drawer can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, in & out, and in the tilt angle. With the option of 4-dimensional adjustment, precise alignment of the drawer fronts is extremely easy. All of the adjustments are simple operations and easily performed without the use of tools. With the Dynapro adjustments it just takes a few tweaks to achieve perfect alignment.


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  • Synchronization for smooth, silent operation
  • 2-dimensional (height and side) adjustment
  • 3-dimensional (height, side, and depth) adjustment. Tilt adjustment with use of rear adapter
  • For 5/8” (16mm) and ¾” (19mm) drawer material
  • Uniform height position of drawer front panel, regardless of weight
  • Superior stability provided by 31mm wide drawer members
  • Cleats on the front locking device allow maximum connection between drawer slide and front locking device
  • 100 lb – 132 lb load capacity
  • Suitable for drawers up to 48” wide


Just a slight pull is all you need.

With a drawer slide as technically advanced as the Dynapro, you will find many enhanced features. One example is the ease in which the Dynapro pulls open – and naturally the closing action is just as sophisticated with the Grass Soft-close system.

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To successfully develop product innovations – that is our business. Dynapro proves that.

Drawer Slide System

Is now available on the Grass GPS! Enter all the options you need and get instant product numbers for ordering. Our new Dynapro Calculator helps you determine which slide should be used with your drawer size. Download the Grass GPS today!