Sky Go Saying Need Relevant Subscription


To avoid any confusion, Sky aren't giving away the actual subscription to their TV services with their Sky Mobile products. It's only the data those apps use that you're getting free.

You'll also only be able to watch programmes and films that are in your home Sky TV package too. You're not getting anything extra for free by signing up to Sky Mobile.

If you don't have Sky TV, you'll still get the data their apps use for free. You'll just only be able to use and watch the parts of the apps that are free anyway, like Sky News.

Sky Go Saying Need Relevant Subscription Cost

Virgin Media customers with Sky Cinema or Sky Sports in their package should also be able benefit by downloading the relevant app and joining Sky Mobile (we're still confirming this for sure with Sky).

Sky Go Saying Need Relevant Subscription Services

If you're wondering why Sky are going around giving away free streaming data, part of the reason is probably to work as a way to sell their TV content to more people. The more ways to watch, the more people want it.

Sky Go App Features. The My Sky app is not the only app you can access with your Sky ID. Sky TV subscribers (and only they) can also get themselves the Sky Go app, with which they can stream live and catch-up TV on their phones, tablets or laptops. Access to Sky Go is included at no extra cost in your Sky TV subscription. Depending on the type of Sky TV subscription you have, payment may have been taken for Sky Player, Mobile TV or Sky Go. Payment may also have been taken for Sky Identity Patrol, Sky Identity Shield or Sky Parental Alert, for purchase of a replacement remote control or viewing card for Freesat from Sky.

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Sky Go Saying Need Relevant Subscription

Welker farms fs19. We can't comment on what Sony charge in order to avail of their online services, but Sky Go Extra is required in order to view Sky Go on any games console. Sky Go Extra costs €6 per month as part of your subscription. However, you can receive Sky Go Extra free if you have a Multiscreen subscription with us. ‎ Dessie Selfridge ‎ en Sky 30 de diciembre de 2012 Belfast, Reino Unido Why is my sky go saying that I do not have the relevant subscription to watch anything when clearly I do cause I pay over £70 a month and I can't even watch any channel at all. You’ll also get Sky Go Extra at no extra cost. If you don’t have a Sky TV subscription you can still benefit from this feature, but only on the Sky apps that don’t require a subscription. You’ll need to have at least 50MB of data available in order to use Sky Mobile’s ‘Watch’ feature.