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This script can be used in conjunction with SQLCMD to backup SQL Server from the command line. So let’s take a look at this. What we want to achieve here is a way of executing the same backup database command for each database in SQL Server. The Data Backup Windows Batch Script. I want to emphasize this script is very basic, as all it does is create backups by a utilizing a simple file copy. There are some configuration options you can set: The backup storage location where the resulting compressed backup files are stored. PlexBackup.ps1 (or, briefly, PlexBackup) is a PowerShell script that can back up and restore a Plex instance on a Windows system. The script backs up the Plex database, Windows registry key, and app data folders essential for the Plex operations (it ignores the non-essential files, such as logs or crash reports).

This script (a type of computer program) backs up directories (a.k.a.folders). Why did I write a script to dosomething so trivial? I needed it for myself. On my main computer, I was backing up a multitude offolders with Windows explorer. This was error prone (I might forget to backup a directory) and time consuming. I copied one directory, waited for itto complete, then copied another. Often the directories took a long time toback-up which meant twiddling my thumbs at my computer. Then there was the othercomputer where I wasn't backing up anything . . .

Backups have to be easy to do, ormost people won't do them. With this in mind, my goal with this script was tomake it as easy to run as possible. Towards that end, it can be configured forone click backup. That is, you can set up an icon on your Windows desktop forthis script, click on the icon to run the script and that's it. It will doeverything from soup to nuts without asking any questions or posing any prompts.There are other ways to run the script, and it can provide much information ifyou so desire, but my goal was the easiest possible backup to run. WhenI'm in the middle of doing something else and need to make backups, the lastthing I wanted to have to do was think about the backups.

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The tradeoff is that it may entail some waste (backup some files that don'treally need to be backed up) and there are fewer backup options compared to manyother backup programs. Beatrice zinker upside down thinker series book 1 pdf free download 5th symphony. For example, this script only backs up entire directories. It does not back up individual files.If you need to back up some files in a directory but not others, this is not theproduct for you. On the other hand, it can back up any number ofdirectories.

Almost everyone needs to backup files from multiple directories. You fall into this category if you don't keep every important file in the My Documents folder.It should be especially useful to people who need to back up different directories ondifferent computers. Copy the script to each computer and customize it as needed.

Even if you are brutally organized, and keep all your files in a singledirectory, you may still want to backup files in multiple directories. Forexample, you might want copies of your E-mail and web browserFavorites/Bookmarks. AOL users might want to backupthe AOL download directory. If you use the Outlook calendar, you may want a copyof the file holding your schedule. Windows 2000 users mightwant to back up the WINNT/Repair directory.

Script Backup Postgresql


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This script is most useful in cases where you are backing up files to a location that is large enough to store multiple copies of them. For example, if you were backing up 200 KB of files, you could fit 6 copies of your files on a single floppy disk. If you back up your files to media that can only hold one or two copies, then this scriptmay not be your best option.

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The script is written in VBScript and intended to be run under WindowsScripting Host (WSH). For more on WSH, see the Get TheScript section below.