Scrap Mechanic Game


Scrap Mechanic is an all-new creative sandbox game that drops you right into a world where you quite literally engineer your own adventures! Choose from the 100+ building parts you have at your disposal and create anything from crazy transforming vehicles to a house that moves. Scrap Mechanic Free Download For PC. Enter the creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic! Build fantastic machines, go on adventures with your friends and defend against waves of evil Farm bots in this imaginative multiplayer survival sandbox. With Scrap Mechanic’s powerful creation tools you can engineer your own adventures. Scrap Mechanic is a new multiplayer sandbox game available on Steam Early Access.It takes a familiar approach from Minecraft – like building and constructing – and turns it into an engineering feast for all those who like creating the craziest mechanisms.

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Scrap Mechanic Game

In the last decade of gaming, there has been an influx of titles that offer cute, simplistic shells. Yet, once of dig deeper, you find that these games focus on complex topics and carry out the physics and finer details of these concepts with great success. Take a game like Kerbal Space Program for example. That game offers a fun and silly shell to lure players in, yet also teaches physics lessons and introduces players to the basics of quantum mechanics. I’d love to say it’s not rocket science but in fact, that’s exactly what it is. Well, Scrap Mechanic is another game of this ilk.

Scrap Mechanic Game Review

This game plays rather like the aforementioned Kerbal Space Program as well as titles such as Mechjeb, Raft, Trailmakers, Brick Rigs and Space Engineers. This is a game that focuses on the art of building but also offers unique aspects that give the game it’s own personality and feel. However, is this game a beautiful creation or is it as good as scrap? We find out in our review of Scrap Mechanic.

A World of Imagination

The best part about games like these are the endless possibilities at your fingertips. Well, with Scrap Mechanic, this is certainly the case. When placed into the world, you have a vast landscape stretching out before you and you have one goal. To create whatever you want with the stuff you encounter. In creative mode, it is as simple as that, you find and build whatever you like with your imagination being the only limiting factor to what you can come up with.You can create a variety of vehicles, robotic companions and other trusty gadgets that will help you traverse the world. However, you don’t get the full effect of these concepts until you play challenge and survival mode.

Challenge mode sees the player given limited resources and told to build a specific type of structure or gadget. Meaning you’ll have to have a firm grasp of all the mechanics and skills involved in the building process. Then you have survival, that combines the above modes with a survival mode aspect. You’ll have to fight off evil robots, keep yourself watered and fed and of course, create a base to defend yourself from the elements and the robots.

Hard To Master


While the possibilities are endless and the complexity of the mechanics involved will intimidate a few. It has to be said that the way they are presented in this title is superb. The game offers ample tutorials to show the player how to work the various systems that are in place. Plus, the player is also able to work with each aspect at their own pace. The game never forces you to perform intricate tasks beyond your means to succeed. Instead, you play to your strengths and grow as the game progresses.

However, if you want to create incredible structures that seem unfathomable. We are happy to report that the game offers this. Much like Minecraft accomplishes through its Redstone mechanics. We will admit that the game does look a little disappointing in terms of the visual display, but overall, it’s a joy to play and that’s all that really matters.

The Verdict

Overall, Scrap Mechanic is a building sim with a difference. The way you can use the environment to your will, survive amongst an alien robot invasion and create infinitely impressive structures and gadgets are all amazing to behold. Sure the game isn’t visually stunning but you can tell the developers traded aesthetic for mechanical bliss and in our opinion, it’s a great trade. There is an argument that the survival mode is a little bit tacked on.

However, for the added variety it brings, we will allow it. Scrap Mechanic is a game for all you would be engineers out there. If this sounds like you, you need to give this a try.


Scrap Mechanic Game Download

  • A plethora of building options
  • Several game modes provide hours of fun


Scrap Mechanic Game Pc

  • Unless you master the building mechanics, this game will become limited in scope
  • Survival mode is a stretch
  • Graphically, this game is bang average
Overall rating: 7