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This was designed to be a 2nd Generation C2 with an MBE900 under the hood.

Rigs of Rods for Windows Download. Rigs of Rods for Linux. Setting up, installing mods, and getting started with multiplayer. Looking for Development Builds? Rigs of Rods is constantly evolving everyday. Try what's new with the newest features. If you are not technically familiar with Rigs of Rods, it is strongly recommended to just use the.

This bus comes standard with a push-button shifter, 6-speed transmission, air door, dual stop arms, air brakes, and of course a crossing guard.
  • To begin, download & extract the part zip (in our case, 5SpokeRim.zip) into a new folder. The folder should contain the mesh, dds textures, PDN paintkit, and a readme text file: Next, browse to Documents My Games Rigs of Rods mods and open ChevyK3500.zip: Find the.truck file you want to edit.
  • Home of the Rarest Rigs of Rods Mods! RoR Mod Emporium 's Workshop. Neon Nights #NeonNightsRoR.

Options on this bus include:
  • 3 types of 8-way lighting (Incandescent, LED, and LED with upgraded stop arms)
  • 5 unique body types (normal, handy, w/ side emergency door, shorty, and activity)
  • And some other goodies like an 4x4 version!

  • Ctrl+1- Ambers
  • Ctrl+2- Reds
  • Ctrl+3- Manual strobe activation
  • Ctrl+4- Dome lights
  • Ctrl+6- Marker/perimeter lighting
  • F1/F2- Stop Arms, Crossing Guard
  • F3/F4- Air Doors
  • F5- Roof Hatches
  • F6- Driver Window
  • F7/F8- Rear Emergency Door
  • F9/F10- Wheelchair Lift Door or Side Emergency Door (if equipped)
  • F12- Wipers
  • Main author: graysonk95
  • Original free-to-use with credit n/b: Brickman & Dereksh97
  • Rim meshes: Carsonj493
  • A few textures: 1999BluebirdFS65
  • Insults and encouragement: cveilleux, Cbp123, khadner, GoodAndPlenty, sirendude2011, matt815, 09ICCE200, Voulk, saftlinerc2, & ksh4489.
Options key:
(These letters in the file name indicate the following options)
  • L- LED 8-ways
  • I- Incandescent 8-ways
  • U- Alternate upgraded LED stop arms and Driver Alert Device
  • M- Videocamera mirrors
  • H- Normal length bus with wheelchair lift door
  • S- Short bus with wheelchair lift door
  • E- Normal length bus with side emergency door
  • A- Activity bus paint scheme
  • 4- Activity bus w/ suspension lift and 4-wheel drive
Body Type 8-Way Type Mirrors File Name (95_C2_*.truck)
Normal Incandescent Y IM.truck
Incandescent N I.truck
LED Y LM.truck
LED N L.truck
Upgraded LED Y LMU.truck
Upgraded LED N LU.truck
Side E-Door Incandescent Y IME.truck
Incandescent N IE.truck
LED Y LME.truck
LED N LE.truck
Upgraded LED Y LMUE.truck
Upgraded LED N LUE.truck
Handy Incandescent Y IMH.truck
Incandescent N IH.truck
LED Y LMH.truck
LED N LH.truck
Upgraded LED Y LMUH.truck
Upgraded LED N LUH.truck
Shorty Incandescent Y IMS.truck
Incandescent N IS.truck
LED Y LMS.truck
LED N LS.truck
Upgraded LED Y LMUS.truck
Upgraded LED N LUS.truck
Activity Incandescent Y IMA.truck
Incandescent N IA.truck
Activity 4x4 Incandescent Y IM4.truck
Incandescent N I4.truck

Texture key:Rigs of rods mods downloads
  • Body- C2busbody.png*
  • Seats- C2seat.png
  • Top of hood- C2hood.png*
  • Window pillars- C2windowborder.png*
  • 8-way light border- C28wayborder.png*
  • Side Lettering- C2SideLettering.png*
  • Bus number- C2busnumber.png*
  • Rub-rails- C2rubrail1.dds/C2rubrail2.dds*

Rigs Of Rods Mods Downloads Hdx School Bus

*Any textures specific to the Activity bus have an 'A' at the end of the texture name.
Texture downloads:
PSD Text Templates
PSD Rubrail Template
Yellow Rubrails
White Rubrails (replaces Activity bus rubrails)
Gray Seats
Red Seats

Rigs Of Rods School Bus Mods Download

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Rigs Of Rods Mods Download

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