BlenderRenders used to have one of the best prices for online blender rendering. The pricing is comparable with what RenderStreet, the company that acquired BlenderRenders, has.

RenderStreet has a single pricing model, by server hours. They felt that providing an easy to understand pricing is a sign of respect for the customer and decided to only use such a price. Their price varies between $3 and $4.49 (for CPU and respectively GPU servers), depending on the membership level you get with them. There is also a fixed-fee, unlimited rendering option available with the RenderStreet One program.

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The servers RenderStreet uses are very fast. For CPU based rendering, they use dual Xeon servers, for a total of 32 to 40 render threads.For GPU based rendering, they use quad NVidia K80 GPUs, (11 GB RAM) or better servers.


There comes a time when you can no longer delude yourself over the notion that your trusty personal computer will be able to render your fra. Rising Animate’s 3D renderings of streetscapes give a highly realistic feel of walking through the community amid rows of houses, under the streetlights and alongside facilities like curbs, lawns and benches on the street. It is the best way to convey the vibrancy and the comforts that your community promises to its residents. RenderStreet Your friendly, easy to use, cloud render farm for 3D projects. RenderStreet is the most recommended render farm for Blender, trusted by many artists, studios and companies. High availability, high success rate RenderStreet’s yearly availability of over 99.8% and a success rate of over 99% guarantee that your projects will be delivered correctly and on time.

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