Power Vision Target Tune Vs Auto Tune

  1. Power Vision Target Tune Vs Auto Tune 2
  2. Power Vision Target Tune Vs Auto Tune
  1. Connect the Power Vision to a vehicle with the included OBD cable.
  2. Turn the key on for at least 30 seconds, the Power Vision will automatically download vehicle identification data.
  3. Turn the key off, then connect your Power Vision to your PC/Mac with the included USB cable.
  4. Click the 'Browse' or 'Choose File' button at the top of this page to select the PV_Info.txt file from the Power Vision.
Navigate to the POWERVISION drive attached to your computer and open the PV_Info.txt file via the “Upload” button on this page to list tunes compatible with your vehicle.

Power Vision Target Tune Vs Auto Tune 2

Dr.web live cd usb flash. The Target Tune includes 2 wideband O2 sensors for a wider view of the fuel table and connects to the bike using OEM connectors. This larger complete view allows the device to keep you optimized through changing conditions as you ride. Wideband O2 sensors included. OEM style connectors. Power Vision required. Feb 19, 2018 HOW DOES TARGET TUNE AUTOTUNE PROCESS WORK? Utilizing the Target Tune AFR data and other data from the H-D OEM data bus, the Power Vision can automatically fix the deviation between the AFR or Lambda as defined in the fuel table of your calibration and the actual AFR or Lambda by adjusting the VE tables. The data is learned in real time, but.

Select the 'PV_Info.txt' file and click 'Open'. Once the file has been uploaded, tunes compatible with your vehicle will be listed.
Got a second vehicle?

Use the same Power Vision to tune multiple bikes or UTV's with Tune Licenses.

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Power Vision Target Tune Vs Auto Tune

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