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It cures your neopets when they contract a disease. While it's rather nice to put an immediate end to your pet's suffering, there are much more useful boons out there. Most medicines from the Neopian Pharmacy are worth less than ten thousand neopoints, and even if your pet comes down with a disease requiring a more expensive cure, a few visits. © 1999-2021 Neopets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used With Permission. All content not containing Neopets images is © Jellyneo 2004-2021. You may not use our content. If your faction wins the Battleground of the Obelisk, you have the opportunity to use the Right Round Right Round boon. Activating this would allow you to spin all of the wheels twice before needing to wait to spin again. You do have to pay a second time. To get your second spin, you need to refresh the page after your first spin. Battleground Boons by vancouverite2010 The Obelisk Battleground is a new permanent site feature that followed the Tyrannia: Obelisk war which ran from February 11, 2013 to March 17, 2013.


War for the Obelisk; War for the Obelisk Introduction. The War for the Obelisk was an event that began on the 11th of February, 2013 (Year 15), and lasted until the 23rd of April, although participation ended on the 18th of March. It was a predominantly battling-based event, although there was a small digging element at the very beginning.

  1. Obelisk Boons: A Guide by jellyftw Another week, another skirmish at the Battleground of the Obelisk. By now, you know the drill – choose your side, fight your battles, and hope that, come Monday morning, your faction is victorious.
  2. If you allied yourself with the right faction, then you will be rewarded with your choice of boon to enhance the site for the duration of the week-long truce. Each faction has its own list of priorities, so not all boons are available for every faction. The Awakened boons are random each week.
  3. After the War of the Obelisk Plot (Y15), the Battlegrounds opened up once again for continuous warring called skirmish battles. Fighting for control of the Obelisk and its boons (prizes and special abilities), the six factions from the plot battle every two weeks and need your help!
  4. Full Price History TP Trading Post History Suggest Price Change. Album Item - This item can be placed on the The Battledome page (in position #17) in your Stamp Album.; Black Market Boon - This item restocks exclusively via the Black Market Goods boon from the Battleground of the Obelisk.; Stamp - This is the official type for this item on Neopets.
  5. Jan 16, 2017 Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk has continued and gives you the opportunity to face some easy to tough opponents. Join one of the six fractions in Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk; to battle your way into victory and for your chance to win a boon, avatar or more.

The War for the Obelisk was an event that began on the 11th of February, 2013 (Year 15), and lasted until the 23rd of April, although participation ended on the 18th of March. It was a predominantly battling-based event, although there was a small digging element at the very beginning. At the conclusion of the original battle, on the 29th of April, an ongoing battle event was launched.


The event began with a mysterious earthquake rocking the outskirts of Tyrannia. In the aftermath, it appeared that a mysterious spire had been revealed. A digging team was dispatched by the Tyrannian Paleontological Association to excavate the structure ahead of a proper team of Archaelogists being dispatched to learn its secrets. The Zafara in charge of the digging effort hastily enlisted visitors to help with it, hoping to speed up the process. When the structure was revealed, it turned out to be an Obelisk of some sort, and the digging team hastily retreated. The site didn't stay quiet for long though.

An agent of the Thieves Guild had seen the light exploding on the horizon when the earthquake happened, and reported the information back to Kanrik on Terror Mountain. Knowing how dangerous long hidden artefacts could be, and sensing that the Obelisk could be dangerous, he sent out the word for the thieves to converge on Tyrannia. If nothing else, they would be able to sell the contents of the Obelisk on for profit.

The Krawk who had reported to Kanrik meanwhile was captured by a mysterious Lenny known only as the Duchess. She tortured the Krawk for information, eventually learning of the Obelisk. The Duchess, who prided herself on knowing everything, gathered together the secret organisation she headed - the Sway. They had been a clandestine league that had long influenced events in Neopia from behind the scenes. Deciding that anything out of control of the Sway was not a good thing, they set off for the Obelisk.

Neopets Boons Guide

The Order of the Red Erisim, a clan of influencial and powerful mages, were the next to become involved - learning of the Obelisk through a crystal ball. The new leader of the Order, Rasala, sought to change the ways of the Order - believing that the magical power the Obelisk represented could only be effectively controlled by magic users, and shouldn't be left around for anyone to use. They set off for the Obelisk to claim it, and protect it from being misused.

With the Obelisk quickly becoming common knowledge, the next faction to become involved was the Brute Squad. They had been formed by Commander Flint in the aftermath of the fall of Faerieland. Believing that new evils would continue to rise in Neopia, Flint decided that pre-emptive strikes against such evils would mean fewer casualties in the long run. He dispatched the Brute Squad to Tyrannia, believing that the Obelisk could be a weapon they could use to protect Neopia in the future.

The group of scholars known as the Seekers were the next to learn of the Obelisk. Their leader, Professor Lambert, proposed that they attempt to claim the Obelisk, fearing that the knowledge of pre-history Neopia contained within the structure could be lost in all the fighting. They set off to the Obelisk in a large flying ship - and the five factions began to fight each other for the right to open the door.

But they weren't the only ones present. Undead twins were watching the conflict, and misunderstood it as a grand party. Feeling left out as they hadn't been invited, they sent out a calling card to members of the undead from all around the planet. Together they converged on Tyrannia as the Awakened, and joined the conflict believing that the Obelisk may contain cake.

Let's fight! Lowe's weed eaters.

The six factions battled on for weeks, until the faction leaders themselves were forced to enter battle. The battle appeared to be drawing to a close, when something quite unexpected happened - the Obelisk called forth forces of it's own. These spirits set about attacking the already weakened factions, one spirit per faction. They appeared to be manifestations of the fears of the faction leaders themselves. Apathy appeared for the Seekers, tempting them to give up their knowledge seeking ways and become complacent. Death appeared for the Awakened, representing their fears for an end to their immortality and their party. Envy appeared for the Order, representing Rasala's fear that her desire to have as much magical power as others may turn her into someone like Xandra. Greed appeared for the Thieves Guild, representing Kanrik's fear that the Guild may return to the excesses and immorality of Galem Darkhand's day. Pride appeared for the Sway, representing the Duchess's fears that too much pride in her actions could lead her to forget the reason for them - the greater good of Neopia. Finally, Wrath appeared to face the Brute Squad, representing Flint's fears that they become a destructive influence in Neopia - the very thing they were formed to stop.

I bet you wanted to fight me!

The battle against the spirits was long and bitter, but eventually all factions managed to defeat them. In the aftermath, the surviving members all tried to gather themselves. The Sway emerged as the strongest remaining faction, and earned the right to open the Obelisk. Inside, they discovered the spirit known as the Oracle, who had summoned the fears to test them. The Oracle claimed to know much of Neopia's coming future, but refused to divulge it so quickly, opting instead to reward the Sway with 'boons'. A truce was established between the remaining factions, though it did not last long. The fighting began again, with factions facing off against each other in smaller groups, and continues to this day. The Oracle continues to award the winners of the battle with temporary boons.


The majority of the event was based around battling, however, a smaller digging event released before the Obelisk was uncovered, along with earthquake random events released around that time, contributed to final scores. There was an associated NC component with the digging stage.


Battle Of The Obelisk Boons

Once the battling phase actually began, users were able to select one of the six factions to join. Challengers were released in waves, fighting challengers from the opposing factions of gradually increasing strength. Challengers awarded cask items that required NC to open. Users filled a 'Do Your Part' bar through winning, drawing, or losing against challengers in each wave. These Do Your Part bars formed a major part of final prize points.

The sixth, and final wave was slightly different, in being a community boss. Each faction faced a single opponent based around the fears of that faction. The boss started with high HP that gradually decreased. Once a boss was defeated by a single user, it would be locked out, disappearing from the battledome for all faction members. Anyone fighting the boss at that time could refresh to gain an instant win. A glitch on the first day of the wave's release wherein some bosses had easier ability sets resulted in Envy and Wrath being defeated early. They were given new ability sets and released back into the battledome for the weekend. Unlike previous rounds, only losses against the boss filled the Do Your Part bar.


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:


After the conclusion of the war, a prize shop was released. In addition, the Sway faction, having won the war, were granted temporary 'boons' by the Oracle. Most of these centred around increasing payout around the site. Sway members also received an extra avatar and site theme. Instead of boons, the remaining five factions were awarded an item on the page - after the conclusion of the original war, a smaller version then began to play out regularly. This time, only three factions went up against each other. The items released in the prize shop were:

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  • A Shovel

  • Adorably Pink Lollypop

  • Apathy Keyring

  • Battle Beard

  • Bewitching Sorcerers Bonnet

  • Chess Set of Foreboding

  • Collapsible Offensive Device

  • Confused Wizard Action Figure

  • Death Keyring

  • E-Z Brand My First Death Axe

  • Eau de Mort

  • Envy Keyring

  • Experiment Notes: Hour 1

  • Fancy Dress Armour

  • Fortune-Telling Oracle Machine

  • Galems Cloak

  • Greed Keyring

  • Handmade Commander Flint Plushie

  • Handmade Duchess Plushie

  • Handmade Lanie & Lillie Plushie Set

  • Handmade Master Thief Kanrik Plushie

  • Handmade Professor Lambert Plushie

  • Handmade Rasala the Bright Plushie

  • Helpful Zafara Digger

  • Innocuous Cup of Hot Chocolate

  • Krawk Prisoner Hand Puppet

  • Light Appetizer

  • Magical Floating Tea Set

  • Members Only Moustache

  • My Mechanical Buddy T-3000

  • Mysterious Obelisk Stamp

  • Personal Training Dummy

  • Petrified Cake

  • Pilfered Mug of Coffee

  • Pride Keyring

  • Red Erisim

  • Rejuvenating Jar of Brains

  • Relic Paint Brush

  • Ring of the Sway

  • Rock

  • Runes of the Obelisk

  • Shadow Paint Brush

  • Thieves Hood

  • Tyrannian Paint Brush

  • Ultimate Battlefield Background

  • Ultimate Battlefield Foreground

  • Ultimate Concoction for Restoring Refreshment

  • Wand of Lameness

  • Woolypapith

  • Wrath Keyring


Trophies were also released to those who participated:

Neopets Boons Guide

  • Dirt Collector

  • Excavator

  • Conscript

  • Camp Guard

  • Battle-Hardened Bruiser

  • Warmonger

  • Honoured Champion of the Obelisk

Avatars and Site Theme

Everyone who participated was awarded the following avatar:

Obelisk War Veteran / Guide

Neopets Obelisk Boons List

Awarded to users who participated in the War for the Obelisk.

Released: April 22, 2013

In addition, they were rewarded with the Tyrannia: Mysterious Obelisk site theme.

In addition, as the War acted as the first round of the ongoing Battlegrounds, those who joined the Sway and participated beyond a minimum were awarded the associated site theme, avatar, and boon choice, while those who joined other factions were awarded one of the normal Battlegrounds consolation prizes.

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