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Qualification stream:(Management Accounting)
Qualification code:98656 - MAC
Qualification type:Coursework
NQF level:9
Total credits:180
SAQA ID:90676

Admission requirements

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An appropriate Bachelor Honours degree, or an appropriate Postgraduate Diploma, or an appropriate 480 credit Bachelor's Degree with a minimum of 96 credits at NQF level 8, all in the field of Accounting Sciences is required.
In addition to the above requirements, applicants must submit a transcript of their academic record, as well as a document describing their intended research and preferred focus area.
Applicants will be accepted on the following criteria: The suitability and viability of the intended research as well as adequate supervisory capacity and research expertise in the discipline or department.
An approved selection procedure which is in line with Unisa's policies on equality and diversity will be followed.

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Time limits for this degree

All master's and doctoral qualifications are structured over a defined period. Refer to sections 4.12 and 4.13 in the Procedures for master’s and doctoral degrees.

A student registered for a 180-credit structured coursework master’s degree must complete the study programme within three years. A student may make application to the Registrar for one additional year of study. The Registrar will consult with the Executive Dean of the College in which the student is registered.

Coursework master's degree

A master's degree by coursework requires a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual dependence, and a research project culminating in the acceptance of a dissertation of limited scope. The curriculum generally comprises subjects where you are required to write examinations, and submit a research proposal module and a short dissertation. In most cases, you need to pass at least two modules before you may register for the research proposal module. You will only be able to register for the short dissertation if you comply with the requirements of the research proposal module.
Please note: Once you have passed all the modules, but fail the research proposal module, you will not be permitted to continue with the qualification.

Research focus areas

Click here to view a list of departments and research focus areas for the College of Accounting Sciences.

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Research outline

Unisa’s admission policy has changed and you are now required to submit a detailed research outline for each master's and doctoral qualification for which you apply. No application submitted without a detailed research outline will be considered. Although this research outline may differ for each qualification or academic department, the basic information required is as follows:

  • Title
  • Summary of topic
  • Short literature review
  • Expected contribution of the study
  • Methodology to be followed
  • Availability of the data
  • List of references
  • Reasons why you are interested in the topic

Plagiarism of any form is unacceptable. Please take note of Unisa's Policy for Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism.

Student fees and funding your studies

Application fee

Pay the online application fee of R115,00 once you have received your Unisa student number.

Please note:

  • The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study through Unisa or do not qualify for admission to Unisa.
  • An application for a student number does not constitute an application for admission. After you receive your student number, you must still complete the online application for admission and upload the compulsory supporting documents.

Student fees

Click here for the 2020 student fee information. The fee information for the 2021 academic year will be available at the time of registration.

Students registering for qualifications through the Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) should visit the SBL website for fee information, as the SBL uses a different fee structure.

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Apply for a student number and apply for admission

Applications for admission to master's & doctoral qualifications will be open from 15 September to 6 November 2020. Thereafter, only those qualifications with spaces available will remain open until the end of January 2021 (some exceptions apply).

Click here to apply for a student number and apply for admission.

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Please ensure that you apply for a Unisa student number (if applicable), apply for admission and upload all the supporting documents during the application period.


Only students whose application for admission was approved and re-registering students (who made sufficient progress during the current academic year) will be allowed to register online within the approved registration period for the 2021 academic year. No printed registration forms will be accepted.


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The curriculum information for this qualification will be available closer to the registration phase.