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  • If you have a static website, sometimes it is quicker to write a web page using Markdown. Then, convert your Markdown page to HTML, which you can.
  • Embedding YAML structured data at the top of Markdown documents. Code & tutorials:
  • Extension for Visual Studio Code - Markdown Preview Enhanced ported to vscode.
  • Live (GitHub-Flavored) Markdown Editor Usage. The live markdown reader will display a preview as you type. View GitHub Flavoured Markdown guide here. This software is released under the ISC License. ISC License is: A permissive license lets people do anything with your code with proper attribution and without warranty.

Markdown is a plain-text formatting syntax that can be converted to 'XHTML' or other formats.

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World's simplest HTML to Markdown transformer. Just paste your HTML in the form below, press Convert to Markdown button, and you get Markdown. Press button, get Markdown. No ads, nonsense or garbage.
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Use the Markdown to HTML Converter!

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Pro tip: You can use ?input=text query argument to pass text to tools.