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Marcus Mariota earns bonus from Raiders by filling in for the injured Derek Carr; here's how much he made Mariota is a bit richer after 'Thursday Night Football'. December 21, 2020 Leading up to this week, it was a foregone conclusion that the Raiders would part ways with Marcus Mariota’s contract after the 2020 season. Mariota made (or will make) $9.125 million this year and through 13 weeks, it was money the Raiders probably wished they had spent elsewhere. Enter: Marcus Mariota. After Derek Carr was injured in the Las Vegas Raiders’ eventual 30-27 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday, Mariota took over. He impressed, completing 17 of. In his 2021 Broncos outlook, Sports Illustrated's Conor Orr suggested signing Raiders second-stringer Marcus Mariota as an 'outside-the-box idea' to 'fix' a franchise that hasn't sniffed the. Marcus Mariota contract, free agency Mariota was a free agent following the 2019 season, the final season on his rookie deal, and left the team that drafted him for the Las Vegas Raiders.


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Rise of the dragon movie. With Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr missing at least one more game and possibly two after suffering a groin injury on Thursday night, backup Marcus Mariota will get at least one more chance to make a good second impression on the league.

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Mariota played incredibly well on Thursday night. He moved well, threw well, made good decisions. His one mistake, a ball thrown a bit behind receiver Zay Jones, became a field-flipping interception return thanks to a bang-bang fluke that had the ball hit Jones in the hand and pop into the air as Chargers cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. snatched it on the run. (Mariota hustled to save a touchdown by pulling down Harris from behind.)

Actually, one of Mariota’s more impressive plays happened when he was out of the pocket near the goal line. With a defender approaching fast, Mariota had both the presence of mind and the physical dexterity to quickly release a throw out of the end zone, avoiding a sack.

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The second overall pick in the 2015 draft also looks older and seems more mature after five seasons in Tennessee that ended with a midseason benching for Ryan Tannehill in 2019. What once seemed to be a soft-spoken shyness now comes across as quiet confidence.

His performance against the Chargers will get teams that may be looking for quarterbacks in 2021 to notice. It also could get the Raiders to think about balancing Derek Carr’s $19.625 million compensation package against Mariota’s $10 million salary for 2021.

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The Raiders also could try to subtly gauge trade interest in Carr or Mariota. Maybe the best offer they get for one of them helps make the decision.

Regardless, someone will want Mariota in 2021, if he plays next weekend the same way he played last night. The Raiders, by virtue of having him under contract for 2021, will have dibs.

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