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Out of curiosity I opened up KIES 3 on my PC and connected the S6 Edge+ via USB. I get an 'unsupported device' dialog box come up. It says 'The connected device is supported through SmartSwitch, which is faster and more convenient.' A restart of Kies then informed me that the device now being Android 4.4.2 was no longer supported by Kiers and prompted me to download and install Smart Switch, via a handy link. This was done as per on-screen instructions and both the Note and the S6 were connected and perfectly backed-up via Smart Switch. The easy way to transfer content to your new Galaxy device. Smart Switch for Windows gives you the freedom to move your contacts, calendar, music, photos, and videos to your new Galaxy device. Tai cpuid hwmonitor. Send your contacts, calendar, music, photos, and videos to your new Galaxy device.

I am trying to transfer contacts, data etc from my mum's old Galaxy S2 to a newer phone (Note III) and have successfully backed up the S2 in Kies, but Kies is not recognising the newer phone, suggesting Smart Switch instead. However Smart Switch does not recognise the old phone. Any suggestions? Samsung Kies is current only available for devices running Android 4.2 or lower. For Android 4.3 or higher, use. Kies is a desktop software available from the Samsung which allows you to manage, transfer, and enjoy digital content, including photos, videos, music, contacts, and calendar events between a Samsung device and a computer.

transfer data in between Samsung Galaxy/Note or from Samsung device to Android/iPhone. As you know, there are so many software for you to transfer Samsung files, and among them, the most frequently used and developed by Samsung Inc. are Kies, Smart Switch and Sidesync. Not a few users also complained that they have trouble using the above tools now and then. That’s why some turn to TunesGo, the reliable alternative to Samsung file transfer software. Below we will take deep analysis on the four apps and summarize their pros and cons so that you can easily choose the one meets your need.
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Kies vs. Sidesync vs. Smart Switch vs. TunesGo

Contestant 1Samsung Kies
If you are big fans of Samsung phones, you must be familiar with Samsung Kies. There are two versions of the software, Kies 2.6 and Kies 3.0. Kies 2.6 supports galaxy/note running Android 4.3(exclusive) or former, while Kies 3.0 works for device running Android 4.3(included) or over.
1.Support both USB cable and Wi-Fi connection. If you cannot install USB driver properly on your PC, you can bridge device and computer via wireless network.
2.Backup and restore Samsung data with one-click. Supported S Memo and S Planner backup.
3. Manage data in Library and sync to plugin Samsung device easily.
4. No charge.
1.If your source and target Samsung phones are running different Android OS, for example, Note 3 is running Android 4.2 and Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0, you cannot transfer data with the same version of Kies software.
2.Kies only support you transfer data between Samsung devices. If you need to transfer files from Samsung to other Android, Kies is not an good option.
3.Only support contacts, sms, video, photo, music and S planner transfer. All the content that can be transferred must be stored in internal memory.

Samsung Smart Switch Windows 10

Contestant 2Sidesync
Sidesync might be less known than Kies and Smart Switch, but it’s useful tool for you to share files and screen between PC and Galaxy/Note. It’s compatible with Samsung smartphones running Android KitKat 4.0 or higher and tablet running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher.

Kies Smart Switch Download Windows 10

1. Three ways to connect Samsung to PC: Wi-Fi, USB cable & QR code.
2. Directly drag and drop files between Samsung and PC.
3. Mirror phone screen to computer, then you can make phone call, send messages, take photos and more directly on PC.
4. No charge.
1.You need to install the app on both Samsung and PC so as to build the connection.
2.You can only transfer media and document files between Galaxy/Note and PC. If you need to transfer or backup contacts and messages, Sidesync cannot satisfy your need.
3.Cannot transfer data between Samsung devices.
Contestant 3Smart Switch
Smart Switch is the most popular file transfer tool developed by Samsung. It can be used in both desktop and Samsung device. The highlighted feature of Smart Switch is file transfer from Samsung/Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry to Samsung in an efficient way.

Samsung Kies Smart Switch

1.Backup & restore Galaxy/Note data to PC with one-click.
2.Sync outlook contacts to Samsung without compatibility issue.
3.Support data transfer from devices running different OS to Samsung phones.
4.Backup and restore data from/to SD card.
5.No charge.

Samsung Kies Smart Switch Free Download

1.Trouble connecting Samsung to computer via USB cable. Always asks you to install USB driver and wait a long time to finish install.
2.Cannot select data types to backup and restore from/to Samsung on PC/Mac.
3.Samsung device must be the target phone. That is to say you cannot transfer Samsung data to other Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry.
Contestant 4TunesGo
TunesGo is multi-functional software for you to transfer, backup, restore and manage Samsung data on PC/Mac. It supports various types of data, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, music, podcasts, TV shows, iTunes U, folders, doc file, etc.
1.Besides Samsung, it is compatible with most Android phones from different brands running Android 2.0 to Android 8.0 and iPhone/iPad/iPod.
2.Easy to connect Samsung to PC/Mac via USB cable and not need to install the app of the Galaxy/Note.
3.Selectively choose data to transfer, backup, restore and manage.
4.Copy music/videos from iTunes Library to Samsung without restriction.Samsung

Samsung Kies Vs Smart Switch

5.In addition to transfer function, you can backup & restore data from/to Samsung, manage SD card files, convert photos/videos to GIF, rebuild iTunes Library and more.
1.It’s not free. To have a complete use of TunesGo, you should pay USD $39.95 for the lifetime license.
Above all, you can see all the advantages and disadvantages of the four popular Samsung file transfer tool. Select the one satisfy your need and make your mobile life convenient. If you have other good options, please also share with us.

Samsung Kies Smart Switch

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