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After the hurricane, death is all around Palm Beach. Twowhite men with rifles force Tea Cake to bury corpses. Disgustedwith the work and fearful of the racism around the town (the whitecorpses get coffins, but the black corpses are simply dumped ina ditch and covered with quicklime), Tea Cake and Janie decide toleave surreptitiously and return to the Everglades.

Tea Cake and Janie learn that although some of their friendshave died, many have survived, including Motor Boat, who miraculously stayedalive during the storm while sleeping in the abandoned house. TeaCake works for a while rebuilding the dike. But about four weeksafter their return, he comes home from work early with a bad headache.He says that he is hungry, but when Janie makes him food, he isunable to eat. At night he wakes up in a choking fit and the nextday gags when trying to drink water. Janie gets Dr. Simmons, a friendlywhite man who is a fixture in the muck. He chats amiably with TeaCake and hears his story. But afterward, he pulls Janie aside andtells her that he thinks that the dog that bit Tea Cake was rabid.He adds that it is probably too late to save Tea Cake but that hewill order medicine from Palm Beach just in case.

Tea Cake’s health deteriorates and the rabies warp hismind, filling him with delusional, paranoid thoughts. Janie doesn’ttell him about the doctor’s diagnosis. When she sneaks off to seeif the medicine has arrived, Tea Cake accuses her of sneaking offto see Mrs. Turner’s brother, who has just returned to the Everglades.She mollifies him, telling him that she went to see the doctor,and they begin to talk lovingly. But Janie grows afraid when shefeels a pistol hidden under the pillow.

Janie Mandrell in the US - 2 Public Records Found We found results for Janie Mandrell in Wolfforth, TX, Metamora, IN and 6 other cities. View addresses, phone numbers, emails, background checks, and public records. Feb 06, 2006 Directed by Christine Shin. With Blaine Saunders, Tanner Maguire, Deborah Quayle, John Miailovich. Janie, a 9-year-old girl, has a perfect life as an only daughter in a loving family.

That night, Tea Cake is seized by more choking attacks.In the morning, Janie says that she is going to see Dr. Simmonsagain. Tea Cake gets angry, and when he goes outside to the outhouse,Janie checks his pistol. She finds that it is loaded with threebullets. Instead of unloading it, she sets it so that it will runthrough the three empty chambers before getting to a bullet, givingher time to act in case he fires at her.

When Tea Cake returns, he becomes crazier,accusing Janie of treating him wrongly. Janie sees that he is holdingthe pistol. He pulls the trigger once, and it clicks on the emptychamber. Janie grabs the rifle and hopes to scare him off. But hepulls the trigger twice more, and as he is about to fire again,Janie has no choice but to shoot him.

Janie Checks In Order

Janie is put on trial that same day. In the courtroom,all of the black people of the muck have come to watch, and Janiecan feel that they, her former friends, have all turned againsther; they even offer to testify against her. Dr. Simmons takes thestand in defense of Janie, but Janie gives the most powerfultestimony of all, telling the court about their story and her lovefor Tea Cake. Russian roulettegraffiti movies & documentaries 2018. The all-white, all-male jury finds her innocent. Thewhite women watching the proceedings crowd around her in solidaritywhile her former friends shuffle out, defeated. After the trial,Janie gives Tea Cake a royal burial.