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iFunBox is one app that makes your life easy and clutter-free. iFunBox is similar to iTunes but the interface is more simple, straightforward and clutter-free. Also, iTunes has many features and options that a common user never needs. On the other hand, if you download iFunBox, you will get many useful features packed in it.

With every software update Apple modifies its iOS and makes it difficult for users to download and install third-party apps on their latest devices. With iOS 10 and higher, Apple’s security modifications made it impossible for apps like iFunBox, iExplorer and the likes to get file access.

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  1. Download iFunbox 4.0 Updated iOS 10.1.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.2 version for Mac and Windows 2016 latest version: subsequent to you update iOS 10.2 or 10.2.1; you know how to install iOS 9.3.2 applications using iFunbox 4.0 for windows 10/8.1/7 plus Mac. IFunbox 1.8 mac download for iOS 10.1/ 10.1.1/ 10.1.2 / 10.
  2. IFunBox, free download. IPhone management software for Windows: A freeware file manager for devices running iOS such as iPhones and iPads. Review of i FunBox. Includes tests and PC download for 32-bit/64-bit systems.

The users who try to download iFunBox on iOS 10 and higher get an error message such as ‘Connection Failed,’ ‘App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with “iTunes File Sharing” enabled since iOS 10. Jailbreak is required to open Sandbox of this App.’

This message came as a big disappointment for iOS 10 and above users because now they had no access to apps, file’s directory and file transfer services they enjoyed earlier. As always, the Jailbreak community had its solution ready for iFunBox users. If you Jailbreak your device, you can download and install iFunBox on your iPhone. This in turn allows you to install iOS apps on your iPhone for free.

Get AFC2 to install iFunBox

To download iFunBox successfully on your device you can get AFC 2 i.e. Apple File Conduit 2. First of all you need to Jailbreak your iOS device. Then you can install the AFC2 tweak which acts as an alternative Apple file conduit service for your device. It is configured in such a way that it allows you access to the whole file system of your device. Now when you install iFunBox, which is a file manager app, it gets the access to the file system of your iOS.

How to install AFC 2 to download iFunBox

Follow the steps below to install AFC 2 to download iFunBox on your devices with iOS 10 and above.

Step 1: Launch Cydia
Step 2: Refresh Sources
Step 3: Tap on the Search option and type AFC 2 in it.
Step 4: Install and Restart your device.

Download iFunBox to install iOS apps on iPhone

Once you’ve installed AFC 2 on your device, install iFunBox on your device as usual. Once you install iFunBox on your device, you can install paid iOS apps on your systems for free. Just follow the simple steps below and you won’t see the error message you received earlier.

Step 1: Once you have AFC 2 on your device, go to the official site of iFunBox and download iFunBox.

Step 2: Wait for the installation to complete. Now connect your jailbroken iOS device to your computer, windows or Mac. iFunBox detects your device automatically.

Ifunbox Ios 10 Download Windows 7

Step 3: To install the iOS apps for free, click the “install app” icon in the iFunBox.

Step 4: Now browse through the downloaded IPAs on your desktop. To install apps for free, you need to have their IPAs.

However, iFunBox also helps you download unsigned IPA files.

Once you install iFunBox on your device, a whole world of opportunities open for you. You can manage applications and files on your iPhone and iPad. It lets you install in-house applications for testing purposes on your device. IFunBox is a complete file management system in its own might as well. You can use iFunBox for import and export of your media data. It serves as a handy USB flash drive. Electronic bartender's guide. You can also navigate the iOS file system or download cracked apps on your iOS device once you install iFunBox on your device.

If you are an iOS user, you may hear about iFunbox.

iFunbox is an easy-to-use program designed to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod multimedia files and handle iOS system. If you are tired of the iTunes limitations, it can be a good option to help you deal with iOS device.

You can free download iFunbox for both Mac OS and Windows computer. In this post, we will show you how to make the iFunbox download. Moreover, we will introduce you with the best iFunbox alternative. Just keep reading to find the best answer.

iFunbox Download

As an extremely useful file and app management tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod, iFunbox enables you to better control you iOS device. You can free download iFunbox version according to your system.

iFunbox Download Windows

iFunbox Download Mac

How to transfer iOS data with iFunbox

iFunbox is a really useful multimedia files transfer for iOS users. After downloading iFunbox, you can follow the next guide to import and export iPhone/iPad/iPod data.

Step 1 launch iFunbox on your PC/Mac

Step 2 Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to it with USB cable. It will detect your device and show its basic information in the interface.

Ifunbox Ios 10 Download

Step 3 Click data type on the left control and then click 'Export' or 'Import' to make the iOS data transferring.

Best iFunbox alternative to manage iOS files

Ifunbox Download Pc Windows 10

Before downloading iFunbox, you should know what you want to do with iFunbox. Many iFunbox users complain that it may lead to potential malfunctioning problems when you use iFunbox to jailbreak iOS system. If you only want to transfer iOS files, here we sincerely recommend the professional iOS Data Transfer to help you manage various files on iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can free download and install it on your computer.

FoneTransFor Mac
  • It lets you view and back up data from iOS device to iTunes or PC/Mac.
  • It transfers contacts, photos, music, movies, etc. between iPhone/iPad and iPod.
  • This iTunes sync alternative enables you to add photos, music, etc. from computer to iOS device.
  • De-duplicate contacts and edit contacts from iPhone on computer directly without iTunes.
  • Automatically convert video and audio to be compatible formats for iPhone iPad iPod.

Step 1Launch iOS Data Transfer

Run this powerful iOS files transferring software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it via USB cable. This software will automatically recognize your device and show its basic information in the interface.

Step 2Check iOS data

You can see the main data types on the left control. It enables you to preview the detailed information of each file.

Step 3Transfer iOS files

Click on any type to check the original iOS data on your device. If you want to transfer this kind of data to your device, you can click 'Add'. If you want to copy iOS files to computer, you can mark the files and click 'Export to'. In this way, you can easily make the data transferring between iOS device and PC/Mac.

If you download iFunbox to handle iOS system, you can rely on the iOS System Recovery.

Ifunbox 3

In this article, we mainly talk about how to make the free iFunbox download. What's more, we show you a good iFunbox alternative to help you manage iOS data. Hope you can get better control of your iOS files after reading this post.

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