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No one stands behind you like Geek Squad Times may be changing, but Geek Squad always has and always will be there for you and your tech. When buying a new laptop or tablet, give yourself the peace-of-mind knowing you can walk into a Best Buy store or connect with a Geek Squad Agent online anytime to assist with your technology gremlins. Windows 10 comes with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, a solitaire game that requires you to watch 30-second-long full-screen video advertisements to keep playing. Ad-free solitaire costs $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year. That’s $20 per year if you want both ad-free solitaire and ad-free minesweeper. But there’s a better way. The title of the best acoustic-electric mandolin falls to this one by Oscar Schmidt. The OM10E is a great example of a mandolin that you can use however you’d like, with acoustic tones with passive electronics for enhancement. These electronic elements work so well that it’s also the best electric mandolin that we could find.

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How to Choose a Hammock with Stand

Adding one of the best hammocks with stand to your balcony or backyard is an easy way to add some fun and relaxation to your outdoor space! You don’t need to rely on giant trees or intricate knots to hang a hammock! Just hook it to a durable stand, and you can be swinging in the breeze in no time! Before you invest in a new hammock, here are a few features to consider when choosing one for your home!

Capacity: The capacity is determined by both the size of the hammock bed and the number of people it can safely handle. 1-person hammocks are compact and fit well in tight spaces, whereas the 1-2 person hammocks can handle more weight.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is determined by how much weight the hammock frame can safely handle without bending or collapsing. Pay close attention to this safety guideline, especially if you plan to use it with 2 adults on it at one time!

How To Buy Best Stands For Monitorinfo Geeks


Stand Material: Steel hammock stands are lightweight, durable, and easy to set up anywhere. They also handle rain and temperature changes well. Wooden hammock stands are also durable, and they have a classic, natural look that blends perfectly into your landscaping décor!

Weather Resistant: Most hammock beds are made of materials like cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. We make sure to let you know which ones you can keep outside, and which ones need to be brought in when it rains!

Size: The size is important if you plan to use your hammock in a small space, like an apartment balcony or small yard. Timberman. We tell you maximum length, width, and height so you can find a hammock that fits your space!

How To Buy Best Stands For Monitorinfo Geek Squad


Warranty: Hopefully you will buy one hammock and keep it for years to come. However, things happen, and it’s good to have a warranty just in case! It’s a sign the company stands by their product, even if something goes wrong!