2. Gotomeeting App

GoToMeeting app is a great app to access service from your mobile devices. The app offers the best way to control your meeting from a smartphone or tablet. You can join or schedule a meeting, share your screen, record, and broadcast from your iOS or Android device. There is also GoToMeeting app Windows version.


It is a pleasant app that you can use to easily control and view video conferences with your team and clients. The app is great for people who want to see and hear what is going on in a video conference without being on the call. This means you can be anywhere in the world and join the video conference.

GoToMeeting desktop app – This is the main app that you use to join and start meetings. GoToMeeting Installer.exe file – This file contains the app and is downloaded from the browser page. GoTo Opener – This is the 'helper' application that launches you into active meetings. GoToMeeting is consistently the best remote support and technical meeting option available on the market. It offers IT teams the ability to support remote users quickly and to schedule and manage meetings easily. GoToMeeting is reliable and easy to use for people at all skill levels with small meeting software. GoToMeeting Hub.

The app is accessible via PC or mobile device, and it is very easy to use. With the app, you can have an online meeting with up to 25 people at a time. Besides, GoToMeeting app download is completely free.


This application is used for online meetings with colleagues, clients, and friends. It is a great alternative to Skype, Google Hangouts, and other similar apps. The interface is very simple and easy to use.

You are able to start or join meetings with a single tap. When you install GoToMeeting, you will see your meeting on the top of the app page, and you can tap to start or join it; create meetings with scheduled times or ad hoc meetings.


The app gives you the ability to present your work and share your ideas with anyone, anywhere. If you don’t like having a meeting on your phone, GoToMeeting download PC option is for you:

  • Join or schedule your meeting from your mobile device.
  • Share your screen to provide visuals during the meeting.
  • Record and broadcast your meeting to anyone, anywhere.
  • Broadcast a single participant's screen or broadcast all participants' screens for an entire meeting.
  • Free GoToMeeting download is available for both Android and iOS users. You can get the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Do I have to pay for using the app if I don't need to host meetings?

No. You can use GoToMeeting for free. The only limitation is that you can't host meetings.

How do I make a call with the app?

You can either click on a meeting link (or QR code) to join a meeting or just enter a meeting ID or meeting name in the search field in the app.

How do I get started with app?

Just download GoToMeeting for Windows or get the app from the App Store or Google Play for your phone. Set up a free account, and you're good to go.

Is there a limit on the number of participants who can attend a meeting?

GoToMeeting free to download app is designed to handle any number of participants, from 2 to 26, including you.

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How do I use the app?

The application is pretty simple to use. After the GoToMeeting install process is successfully done, just click the 'Start a meeting' button, and it will take you to the sign-in page. Sign in with your account, and you're ready to go.



GoToMeeting Mac is a very useful web conferencing tool that can be used by students across the globe to discuss ideas with one another. It is a very user-friendly and feature-rich software that you can use to start web conferencing sessions with your peers and classmates.

Gotomeeting App

I personally use it quite often, and I can't recommend but download GoToMeeting app. It is available as a cloud application on the web and as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. By using a Google account, it is very easy to set up a meeting with someone. It is a very easy and quick process.