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The welfare system in France is founded on the principle of solidarity. Solidarity is sense of the responsibility of the individuals in the society to help each other out. This is all for the common good (Spicker). In order to promote solidarity, France has a welfare system that includes universal entitlements, social insurance, means-tested public assistance, and tax expenditures programs. One aspect of the French welfare system is universal entitlements. One universal entitlement under the French welfare system is health insurance. Every citizen in Frances is able to have healthcare insurance. For those citizens that are employed, the employer and employee both finance the insurance. However, the government pays for the health care of…show more content…
However, this assistance ends once the child becomes three years old (Evans 1997). Means-test public assistance is one way the French promote the principle of solidarity. Social insurance is also a different facet of the welfare system in France. One example of social insurance is unemployment insurance. If one loses their job, the person receives 35% of the income that he or she received while employed. For those that are unable to work due to age or disabilities, the government has an assistance program in place. The French also have a pension system that is similar to Social Security in the United States. The system is a “pay as you go” one. Both the employer and employee give to this pension fund. Once the individual is old enough, he or she will receive this retirement money (Wingert). One more feature the French welfare state is tax expenditure programs. An example of a tax expenditure that is found in France is a tax benefit for married couples. There are many more established tax expenditures; one of which is for those with children. In fact, there are so many tax expenditures that France spends over 0.5% of its gross domestic product on tax breaks just towards the family. Tax expenditures programs are another part the France’s welfare system (Bentolila 2011). Like most wealthy countries, France was affected by the Great Recession; however, France was not “hit” as hard as
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  • France - France - Health and welfare: Almost everyone is covered by the social security system, notably after the reform of 1998 that extended coverage to those previously excluded owing to lack of income. Social insurance was introduced in 1930 and family allowances in 1932, but the comprehensive rules for social security were established in 1946.
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  • Welfare control has greatly increased in France. The discretionary power of the worker has increased from entitlement to deciding on a case-by-case basis who is 'deserving.' The workers' previous role of dealing with the collective treatment of clients who received universal benefits changed to promote individualization in dealing with social.

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In the aftermath of the Second World War, France followed an egalitarian welfare state model based on the principles of equality, fraternity and solidarity and established a well-developed social security system. Under the system, anyone born or resident in France is entitled to social security benefits.

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