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Favorite songs from kindergarten and first grade

Click on the arrow to listen to songs we have learned in kindergarten and first grade.
A Youre Adorable.mp3
Alligators All Around.mp3
CandyMan SaltyDog.mp3
Down By The Bay.mp3
Down on Grandpas Farm.mp3
I Like Ants.mp3
Jenny Get Dressed.mp3
Junk Food Pyramid.mp3
Love Grows.mp3
Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons.mp3
Puff the Magic Dragon.mp3
SoHappyYoure HereToday.mp3
The Marvelous Toy.mp3
What a Wonderful World.mp3
Wheres my pajamas.mp3
pete-the-cat - I Love My White Shoes.mp3
  1. Welcome to 3rd Quarter!.All students will need to bring a folder to technology class. I will be switching to the use of RenWeb for all lesson plans.
  2. 4th Grade Big Concepts: Reading notes on the treble clef staff and writing individual music. Performances: Please consider enrolling your student in choir, band or both!
  3. How does music embrace, enhance and support all other subject areas? What makes one piece of music sound different from another? What basic music elements are essential to music? Performance Indicators Guided Questions Essential Knowledge & Skills Classroom Ideas Assessment Ideas Standards 1,2,3,& 4 -What skills does one need to.

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Fourth Grademrs. Macsmith

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My Fourth Grade Music Book. By Eisen, Ann Robertson, Lamar. Wood you believe. 0 reviews Write a review. This book is intended to be used as a workbook for children.