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Mods and utilities for the original Fallout 1



Navigate to the game files as described: Right-click Fallout in your Steam library and click Properties. Go to the Local Files tab and choose 'Browse Local Files.' Create a shortcut for falloutwHR.exe file 3. Right-click on the shortcut, select Properties 4. Fallout 1 87% 37 341. 53. Published Dec 31st, 2014 with 124977 plays. Developer: Interplay Entertainment. Year of release: 1997. Action Games RPG Games.

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Top Resources

  1. Fallout Fixt - (Full / All fixes and mods)
    The all-in-one mod that combines fixes and mods into one easy install
  2. Falche Fallout 1 editor
    Change Fallout 1 stats, perks, skills, traits and much more
  3. FO2 to FO1 map converter
    The tool for conversion maps from FO2 format (edited in BIS mapper) to FO1 format
  4. Fallout 1 High-Res patch
    This program modifies Fallout's game executable in memory to increase resolution and more
  5. Vad's FO Save Game Editor
    Used to edit Fallout 1 save game files and cheat.. careful.
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