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I’ve been waiting for this tool for years. Very intuitive and convenient tool!
This is very useful and 100x better than Evernote's code format.
The notes become beautiful. Have markdown grammar can be used very convenient.

Text editors are needed by everyone and among all applications for work we use them more often than others. There are many good editors, but people tend to always want more, so developers create. I have stuck around waiting for this to happen for as long if not longer than this request for Evernote to provide markdown/latex support. Having support for formulae is not a nice-to-have for me, but a necessity. Sadly it seems that my only course of action is to migrate my work to OneNote.

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All in one text style management

Support Markdown syntax

Multiple highlight & banner color


Resize images to the same width

Beautify code

Excel to Evernote table

Url → Url + Title

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Evernote Markdown Support

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