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Mar 19th, 2017

For daemon.json case, there isn't a command to list all the effective configuration for docker daemon, and I even don't know whether dockerd read the daemon.json I create, or which daemon.json it tried to read. Similar to docker config create and docker config rm. Adds to the metadata of new configs ‘ansiblekey’, an encrypted hash representation of the data, which is then used in future runs to test if a config has changed. If ‘ansiblekey’ is not present, then a config will not be updated unless the force option is set. I am new in Docker and CICD I am using a vps with Ubuntu 18.04. Bushnell imageview software updates. The docker of the project runs locally and works fine. I don’t quite understand why the server is trying to find the docker on http, not on tcp. Override.conf; docker service status. Daemon.json; gitlab-ci.yml.

Configure Docker to use the certificates you generated in Step 1. Find or create the C: ProgramData docker config daemon.json file. Add the following properties to the daemon.json file. Be sure to replace with the correct paths to your certificates. So in P3 of the Harden Docker with CIS series, I’ll continue with the hardening process of the Docker installation which we setup in the P1. We’ll start with the module two of the benchmark (CIS Docker Benchmark v1.2.0) i.e. Docker daemon configuration. There are seventeen items in total out of which one is “Not scored”, thus.

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  1. unable to configure the Docker daemon with file /etc/docker/daemon.json: the following directives are specified both as a flag and in the configuration file: hosts: (from flag: [fd://], from file: [unix:///var/run/docker.sock tcp://])
  2. systemctl list-units
  3. Erste Zeile: '# /lib/systemd/system/docker.service'
  4. Problem: ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd://
  5. Entferne -H fd:// (auskommentieren reicht nicht)
  6. systemctl daemon-reload
  7. 'hosts': ['unix:///var/run/docker.sock', 'tcp://'],
  8. docker -H localhost:2376 --tlsverify --tlscacert=ca.pem --tlscert=client-microtest-cert.pem --tlskey=client-microtest-key.pem ps
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Docker Daemon tuning and JSON file configuration

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The default Docker config works but there are some additional features which improves the overall experience with Docker. We will create a JSON config file with optimized options for the Docker Daemon, install bash completion for the Docker CLI commands with one line and increase security. But first things first.

Docker / Docker Compose installation

Please refer to the official Docker installation docs to install Docker on your specific system. To install Docker Compose, you can simply execute the following command which downloads Docker Compose 1.11 and makes it executable. Make sure you are root, otherwise you get a permission denied error. Docker Compose simplifies Mult-Container apps. It is a tool for defining and running Multi-Container Docker applications and maintains a logical definition of a distributed application. You can then deploy this stack to your Docker Swarm Cluster with docker stack deploy --compose-file=docker-compose.yml my_stack. But this is another great story.

Docker Daemon configuration

You can modify the Docker Daemon to improve overall performance and make it more robust. Especially the storage filesystem driver is a key component. We will use the overlay2 storage driver, which can be used with Linux kernel >= 4.0 and Docker >= 1.12. So make sure it is available on your system. There are some security features like user namespaces which should be enabled.

Let's activate our own configuration file by running this command.

Warning: Your current Docker configuration will be overwritten.

There is no way to move data from one storage to another, so all your Docker containers and images are not available anymore. You can delete everything before switching with the command docker system prune to save some disk space. This is optional of course and you may switch back, if you use your previous storage driver. Fasten your seatbelts and take off.

Create the file /etc/docker/daemon.json and put the following lines there. You find an excellent explanation of each configuration flag here. In short, we use the storage driver overlay2, enable JSON log files with logrotation and enable user namespaces. userns-remap uses UID and GID which is 1000 on my system. You can check these values for your user by executing the command id.

Docker CLI Bash completion

Do you know that Docker comes also with bash completion? This is really helpful. Make sure you are root, otherwise you get a permission denied error. The following command downloads the bash completion file for the current installed Docker version. You should also run this command after each Docker update.

The bash completion is also available for Docker Compose which makes things easier. The following command downloads the bash completion file for the current installed Docker Compose version. You should also run this command after each Docker Compose update.

Now it's time to restart the Docker service with sudo service docker restart (Ubuntu) and with docker info you should get this info. The bash completion will be available if you reopen your terminal. Let me know if you have other Docker config improvements.


This blog post has shown how to configure and optimize the Docker Daemon configuration. The Docker Daemon has now more performance due the overlay2 storage and is more robust due the user namespaces. The CLI bash completion for Docker and Docker Compose is very handy too.

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Docker Docker Daemon Json Config File

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Docker Daemon.json Configuration Options

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