Dmg Staff Of Hte Adderwizardstree


You can use a bonus action to speak this staff's command word and make the head of the staff become that of an animate poisonous snake for 1 minute. By using another bonus action to speak the command word again, you return the staff to its normal inanimate form. You can make a melee attack using the snake head, which has a reach of 5 feet. Staff of Beasts is much much better for feral DPS, Braxxis' Staff of Slumber is much much better for tanking. Comment by Hoshi Staff of slumber is a great weapon for tanking, and it can be aquired relatively cheap, I got mine for 30g off the AH. Ahrim's staff is a one-handed magic weapon that is part of Ahrim the Blighted's set.To wield Ahrim's staff, the player must have 70 Magic and 70 Attack. Being part of Ahrim's set, if the staff is wielded along with all of the other pieces of equipment in the set the player receives a special effect: successful attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the opponent's Strength by five levels. Staff of the Shadow Flame is considered a best-in-slot weapon for Restoration Druids, Mages and Warlocks during Phase 3. While equipped, this item improves your chance to get a critical strike with spells by 2% but also increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 84.

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PLEASE NOTE: As of Exalt Version and onward, and the consequent changes to the Paladin, as well as to many weapon types, this page is heavily outdated.

This page is designed to compare and rank all 16 Classes from highest to lowest Damage per Second. Universal zip code format download free. This takes into account each class’ maxed Attack and Dexterity stats, and is separated in two tables: Tiered Weapons and Untiered/ST Weapons.

Dmg Staff Of The Adderwizardstree Full


  1. Abilities or boosts not included. For example, Warrior and Mystic are often boosted when shooting things, while Wizard and Knight have instant ability damage. This will probably be included in the future.
  2. This assumes that all shots fired hit. This is very important, especially when considering bow classes, which often use spread weapons.
  3. This assumes DPS against a single target. Many weapons can hit multiple targets which can increase true DPS significantly.
  4. The “Average” weights more defense piercing as better, so for comparing a class’ DPS to another, they will rank proportionally better if they deal better damage at higher defense.
  5. The DPS is calculated by assuming the character is fully maxed in ATT and DEX, is wearing no ring, and isn’t wearing any equips except the weapon, since abilities aren’t included yet anyway.
    Small: Decimals were rounded for better organization


Tiered Weapons DPS Rank per Class

All classes from highest to lowest DPS with their respective highest tiered weapon (T14).

#114Sword of Majesty306532323115
#214Staff of the Fundamental Core256730242704
#414Sword of Majesty225724242307
#514Bow of Deep Enchantment219526952345
#614Bow of Deep Enchantment219526952345
#714Staff of the Fundamental Core215025332265
#814Bow of Deep Enchantment214827972343
#914Dagger of Dire Hatred214023692209
#1014Sword of Majesty208922442136
#1214Dagger of Dire Hatred200922372077
#1314Dagger of Dire Hatred174519741814
#1414Staff of the Fundamental Core165520131763
#1514Wand of Retribution148916801546
#1614Wand of Retribution106212411115


Dmg Staff Of The Adderwizardstree System

Untiered / ST Weapons DPS Rank per Class

All classes from highest to lowest DPS with the best and/or most commonly used UT and ST weapons for DPS. While, for example, Staff of Extreme Prejudice has slightly higher DPS than Staff of Unholy Sacrifice, the latter is way more commonly used because of its higher versatility - thus, both weapons were included in the table.

#1UTStaff of Extreme Prejudice514155684928
#2UTPredator Bow (5 shots)493353124744
#3UTPredator Bow (5 shots)482751194681
#4UTPredator Bow (5 shots)482751194681
#5UTStaff of Unholy Sacrifice476449984646
#6UTStaff of Extreme Prejudice430646634127
#7UTStaff of Unholy Sacrifice399041863891
#9STPixie-Enchanted Sword351638273360
#11UTStaff of Extreme Prejudice337337073206
#12UTSword of the Colossus327133483232
#14UTStaff of Unholy Sacrifice314433283052
#15UTDivinity (with beams)304030963012
#16UTPredator Bow (if only 3 shots hit)296031872847
#17UTCelestial Blade291130122861
#18UTPredator Bow (if only 3 shots hit)289630712809
#19UTPredator Bow (if only 3 shots hit)289630712809
#21UTCorruption Cutter269929762560
#23STPixie-Enchanted Sword255928702403
#25UTCorruption Cutter253428112395
#26STSymbiotic Ripper251626442452
#27UTSword of the Colossus243325112395
#28STSymbiotic Ripper236924972305
#29STPixie-Enchanted Sword236926572225
#30UTCelestial Blade236624442328
#31UTDivinity (with beams)226623222238
#32UTSword of the Colossus225323252217
#33UTCorruption Cutter220324802064
#35UTDivinity (with beams)215222052126
#36STSymbiotic Ripper207522032011

Dmg Staff Of The Adderwizardstree Tv Show


Dmg Staff Of The Adderwizardstree Role

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