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The Raw Image Extension adds native viewing support for images captured in raw file formats produced by many mid- to high-end digital cameras. By installing the package, you will be able to view thumbnails and metadata of supported raw file formats right in Windows File Explorer or view images in the Photos app. Commercial hotspots: These access points provide wireless coverage for a fee. When using a commercial hotspot to connect to the Internet, a user is usually redirected to a screen requesting login information or payment details. Hotspots provide convenience to millions of Internet users, but they are rife with security issues.

MotoPress Image Hotspot Addon is light, easy and beneficial addon for MotoPress WordPress Editor This module allows to place animated pointers with tooltips over images at your WordPress website. Little red writing pdf free download windows 10. Use hotspot tool to create products reviews, characteristics, visual guides, instructions and recipes in easy and cheerful way. Thanks to visual text editor you can type, link and style the text right at the tooltip. Thus you are able to describe any part of the picture making it dynamic and informative.

Everybody knows that illustration helps to catch and memorize information much better than static documentation. Image Hotspot converts boring page or post into into an amazing visual example which will certainly draw attention of your visitors. In order to avoid design or color conflict we took care and added color pickers for pointers, tooltips and text. Additionally there is an ability and define position of the tooltips not to cover each other if they are placed too close and make it display on hover, on click or all the time. The main point is that you can edit it visually using MotoPress Page Builder and without any coding experience at all.


  • animated hotspots
  • tooltip custom colors:background and text
  • unlimited amount of hotspots
  • tinyMCE editor for tooltip text
  • tooltip diplay options: always, on hover and on click
  • hotspot custom colors
  • ability to change tooltip position: bottom, top, left, right
  • customizable preset themes for hotspots and tooltips


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress DashBoard
  2. Click Upload Plugin, Browse and Choose File, then select ZIP file of Image Hostspot plugin.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Click Activate to add new widgets right away.
  5. Launch MotoPress Content Editor on any Page, Post or Custom Post Type
  6. Check Media group of objects to find new widget – Image Hotspot

How to add Image Hotspot Widget

1. Drag Hotspot Image to the page and drop it there
2. Select an image to add pointers to
3. Set up an Inherit hotspot and tooltip theme that would be applied by default:

  • hotspot color: custom, red grey, black
  • hotspot size: small, middle and large
  • tooltip theme: select predefined one or modify custom one with color picker
  • select tooltip position
  • define when the tooltip should be displayed: on hover, on click or always

Description Dotsadd Descriptive Hotspots To Your Images Online

How to add new hotspot to the image

1. Add new hotspot and it will appear at the center of the image
2. Type tooltip text in the description field
3. When you hover over the image you can see the x and y percentage position of the cursor at he top right hand corner
4. Just put a cursor to the place where you want to add a pointer, remember the position percents and type them to X and Y Position fields
5. Once you indicate the coordinates for a hotspot it will move to its place.
6. You can also customize each hotspot individually if you do not want to use Inherit style

Description Dotsadd Descriptive Hotspots To Your Images Transparent

It’s all about your imagination. Don’t miss your chance to make your WordPress blog unique with Image Hotspot widget.