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Create A Company Seal Wordpress

A catering template will have fields for contact information, date and time, menu, number of guests, payment terms and any discounts. Our catering quote templates are available for free to download for Microsoft Excel® or Word. Easy to edit, simply download and enter your information. However, in this Internet age, we may sometimes use and transmit electronic versions of documents and contracts. In this case, the official seal cannot be stamped. So, What should you do? Today, the author will teach you how to manually create a personalized official seal in Word, so that your electronic files can also be stamped! Black seals or 3D Gold Seals. Corpkit can e-mail to you the seal for your entity in digital form for use on your documents or certificates. We offer the seals in two forms of.jpg files, one a simple seal format in black or our new '3D' gold seal which would dress up any certificate or document. In the UK, a company may have a company seal under the provisions of Companies Act 2006 section 45. It may have further seals for other territories and for issuing securities. These seals have the additional legend of the territory or the word SECURITIES. A company may wish still to seal documents as a means of protection against forgery. Register and Custody of Common Seal. Every company should maintain a register containing particulars of documents on which the Common Seal of the company has been affixed and should be kept at the registered office of the Company. The Common Seal should be kept at the registered office or at any other office of the company authorized by the Board.

The company stamp is not a mandatory element since the law does not require it. However, it is highly recommended because it is sometimes a problem if you do not have one for example, in official documents (invoices, contracts, etc.). Making your own company stamp is quite easy, just follow some steps and consider what information to include.

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Steps to follow:

To design the stamp for your company, you can do it in several ways. The easiest is to do it on Word and then make a screenshot and crop the image to 275 pixels wide and 130 high. The stamp design should be simple. You can see an example in step 3.

However, if you are good at designing, you can use photoshop or Illustrator if you prefer.

If your company has a more laid-back approach to it you can go creative and make the logo the center of attention of your stamp.

The stamp design of your company must include at least the following information: social / fiscal data of the company, VAT and society registration information. The registered office is often put but not required, and contact details are optional.

As for the name, unless the brand is duly registered, you must put your full name. If for example your company is called 'Global Media Resellers SL' and you have 'GMR' as a registered trademark, you can put the latter but to make it more official you should put the full name.

Save the image with the stamp in JPG format.

We recommend that you make the stamp in a single color, best in black on white, as this will make it easier when it comes to creating the physical mold.

Take the image to a stationary specialist to get it made. Another option is to do it online with sites such as Vistaprint or

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  • Do not put a lot of information on the label as this may make it difficult to read.

If you are looking to create seals or rubber stamps for your office or company, it can be done easily by using a seal maker software online. These digital seal maker are very easy to use and will help you create professional looking stamps that can be made with any image or your company’s logo. The free download seal maker software full version is available for free and can be used online easily by anyone.


Online Seal Maker

This is a premium software that can be used to create any type of stamp like rubber, self-inking, paper bag, etc. on the software interface which can be customized as per your wish and that design can be bought.

Seal Maker Software

This software can be used to create a seal that can be modified to exact requirements and the in-house CNC department will be able to manufacture the designs on any material.

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Seal Maker

This software can be used to create a seal that can be modified to exact requirements and the in-house CNC department will be able to manufacture the designs on any material.

Seal Maker v.1.2


This free software can be used to create high-quality stamps with any color and it can be printed on the black or polychromatic seal on the paper. Special effects and features can be added.

Trust Seal Maker for Windows

This Windows software will enable the users to create trust seals for free. The software can be downloaded and used for free to create the logo.

Seal Maker for Mac

This Mac software is free to use and can be used by anyone to create official looking rubber stamps. Lines, texts, images and other features can be added and the results can be previewed before saving.

Create A Company Seal Wording

QP Download Seal Maker – Most Popular Software

This popular software can be used for free on all Windows versions to create a rubber stamp of your choice. The digital stamps are easy to create and can be customized as per the requirements. You can also see Banner Maker Softwares

How to Install Seal Maker software?

The digital seal maker can be downloaded from site and installed into the system provided if all the system requirements are fulfilled. Sometimes it requires a user account control password which will require you to type in the credentials which would mean that the logged on user profile has some issues. In such cases an administrator account can be used to create a new profile. If it is an online software then the designs can be done on the user interface and it can be exported. You can also see Icon Maker Software

These seal maker software will help users to create any type of rubber stamp that can be printed on later. The stamps can be customized to have any color, shape, size and all the font that goes into it can be edited. It allows users to add texts and images so that the logo of the company can be added.

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