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Time will normally be given in class for some writing and revision, but you should plan on typing your report using your computer at home. Your printed report should be double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font. To conserve paper you may print on both sides of the page. How to create dmg from xcode download.

  1. 8:25 Class Meeting 8:40 Science / Social Studies 9:50 Library 10:20 Community Building 10:50 Cub Time 11:40 Lunch / Recess 12:35 Reader’s Workshop 1:40 Math 2:40 Writer’s Workshop 3:28 End of the Day.
  2. 'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.' - Albert Camus 05/22/20.
  3. Starting today, on Fridays, 2 students are chosen to read a book of their choosing to the class. If they choose a chapter book, they read 1 chapter. Today Jenna Daher read “Money Money Honey Bunny” and Mohammed Alhababi read a chapter from Diary of a Wimpy Kid Meltdown.
  4. To follow student grades and submissions, please visit the Homework page.
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To prepare our students, the items listed are particularly useful but not mandatory for our grade 6 class:
1. Pens (Red & Blue or Black)
2. 3 binders (1.5 inch), 2 dividers for each binder
3. A box of pencils
4. Erasers
5. A box of thin washable markers
6. 2 glue sticks
7. Scissors
8. A highlighter
9. A pencil sharpener with a lid
A box of coloured pencil crayons
11. 2 boxes of Kleenex
12. 1 pencil case (no hard cases)
13. 1 box of Small Ziploc bags
14. A pair of indoor running shoes with non-marking soles
15. Ruler

16. Calculator
17. Protractor
18. Lined loose paper

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