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Caffeine - allows the iOS device not to go into a sleep mode which the Citrix receiver is in use, so for example if the user is idle for 'X' amount of time the iOS device will not shut the screen off. (This option is Disabled by default) Settings Advanced Caffeine. Citrix will be introducing its latest release of Receiver for iOS over the coming weeks. Support update summary: Apple iOS 10 - day 1 support The next release of Receiver for iOS will have support for iOS 10 on the day of Apple’s release. IOS versions 8 and 9 will continue to be supported – without specific iOS10 functions (ex. IOS 10 Widgets).

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This article describes how to install Citrix Receiver on Apple iPhone or iPad.


With the Citrix Receiver for the iPhone, you can access any XenApp hosted application from your Apple iPhone or iPad Touch. You can view, review, edit, and interact with full-featured Windows applications, documents, and data just like you would if you were using your PC.


Complete the following steps to install Citrix Receiver on Apple iPhone or iPad:

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  1. Go to App Store Application on your iPhone or iPad and tap on App Store.
  1. The App Store page is displayed. In Search tool bar, search for Citrix Receiver. The Citrix Receiver is displayed.
  1. The Citrix Receiverinfo page is displayed. Tap on Free.
  1. Again Citrix Receiverinfo page is displayed. Tap on Install.
  1. The Apple ID Password pop-up is displayed to enter Apple ID password. Enter your Apple ID password and tap on OK.
  1. The Citrix Receiver will start to get installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Citrix Receiver For Ios 10

  1. In few seconds Citrix Receiver is installed on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on Citrix Receiver to open it and access the applications.

Citrix Receiver Ios Catalina

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