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Editing Captain Tsubasa 2 music: Using the list above, decide which track from the CT2 sound test (A+B+Start at the title screen) you want to edit. The offsets described as 'main' decide which music plays at what track and they determine the starting position of channels. The 'channels' offset is where you mainly begin modifying the music. Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hex Colors Cultures 2 Wrota Asgardu Pl Simple Console Based Minesweeper Game Ap Tuner 3.08 Serial Download Creda Storage Heater 79164c Manual Transmission Dell Optiplex 990 Bios Bin File Yamaha Serial Number Lookup Dirt Bike Pdf Kitab Umdatul Ahkam Terjemah Indonesia. Captain Tsubasa 2 - Hyper Edition Hack of Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker. Hack Information; Captain Tsubasa 2 - Hyper Edition. He maked a great hack tool for this rom. I’ve used some of the info on the documentation of his application to make the special skills of the GKs avalaible. Without his translation, this. Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hex Code - trakfasr. Shop And Save at For Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker on the NES, GameFAQs has 11 cheat codes and secrets. Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker - Cheats NES. Captain tsubasa 2 all passwords. All Team Special Abilities ( Demo ) - Ca. Vol 2 Hack Brasil 2011 por.

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Captain Tsubasa 2 - Super Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa 2 is a great game. But after a few matches you may find it very difficult. Also your team leveling up is very slow. And the CPU goal keepers tend to catch all your shots. Another point to note is your stamina: it drains very quick. I’ve hacked this game a bit to make it more enjoyable (under my personal criteria :P):

  • All your characters have Infinite Stamina.
  • All your characters have the Max Level.
  • When you press select when playing a match, the timer will reset to 00:00.
  • When you press start when playing a match, you will add 5 goals to your score.
  • You start with the following team:

Normal Team:

  • The GK is Wakabayashi
  • Player 2 is Kapilman
  • Player 3 is Zagalo
  • Player 4 is Napoleon
  • Player 5 is Diaz
  • Player 6 is Pierr
  • Player 7 is Schneider
  • Player 8 is Carlos (Santana)
  • Player 9 is Coimbra
  • Player 10 is Tsubasa
  • Player 11 is Hyuga

And when you reach the Asian Cup:

    Bench (Reserve):
  • Player 12 is Riverio
  • Player 13 is Nei
  • Player 14 is Santamaria
  • Player 15 is Toninho
  • Player 16 is Jethrio
  • Player 17 is Souda
  • Player 18 is Matsuyama
  • Player 19 is Nitta
  • Player 20 is Wakashimazu
  • Player 21 is Lennart

Thanks a lot to Pugsy and Ugetab, and all the cool people at GSHI. Without their support, I never could make this hack possible.

Captain Tsubasa 2 Hacks

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Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hex Game

Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hex Codes

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