Bundle Brew

By Casey Liss

As discussed on recent episodes of ATP, I’ve had some issues with my iMaclately. A trip to the Apple Store and new logic board later, I had functionalhardware but no software installed upon it. Finally, I had the opportunity totry out something I’ve been preparing for a long while: my Brewfile. Git bash mac terminal.

Much in the spirit of Ruby’s Bundler, Homebrew has Bundle.For both Bundler and Bundle, you provide a file with a list of software/dependenciesyou want installed, and the apps will install them automatically. In the caseof Bundler, it’s all Ruby gems; in the case of Bundle, it’s command line apps,Mac apps, and even fonts.

  1. Brew bundle creates a text file called Brewfile listing all the currently installed applications managed via Brew and the Mac App Store. This Brewfile can be used as a backup and gives you the ability to restore applications when reinstalling macOS or setting up a new environment. The screenshots below are from the Bundle Brew Documentation page.
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Last week, I loaded up my iMac from scratch using a Brewfile I had been addingto over the last couple years. Finally getting the opportunity to use it hasgiven me the opportunity to refine it.

Since some of our customers aren't sure what equipment they need to get started brewing, or what equipment goes best together, we've decided to put our coffee brewing experience to work by recommending the best brewing equipment combinations. Each bundle has been designed to suit every budding brewer's needs - whether they want to make a V60. Run brew bundle dump and Homebrew Bundle will generate a file called Brewfile listing all of the installed brew packages, cask applications, and Mac App Store applications currently on the machine. If, on the other hand, you run brew bundle from a folder that contains a.

These refinements ended up being extremely convenient, as just yesterday Idecided to nuke my MacBook and reload it to try to get it operating properly.Thanks to Bundle, that took considerably less time than it would have inyears past.

All it took was having ~/Brewfile, and then running

Give it a bit of time — a lot if you’re installing Xcode — andjust like that most/all of your favorite software is installed. All in oneeasy peasy command line incantation.

I can’t overstate how much time this has saved me. 🥳


Furthermore, as I add new items to my Brewfile, I can feel free to runbrew bundle install again. It will automatically skip software that’salready installed. In fact, the screen shot above was me re-running Bundlelong after it had worked its magic.

Your Brewfile is unique to you; it’s a distillation of your own particulartoolchains and requirements. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

UPDATED 2019-10-09 3:00 PM: Several people have asked “okay, but, how do Icreate a Brewfile to begin with?”

For me, I went spelunking through /Applications to see what I had and what Iknew I couldn’t live without. Generating my Brewfile from scratch was, to nosmall degree, the point.

Brew Bundle Cleanup

If you’d like to take a shortcut to get yourself started, you can do:

brew bundle dump


This will create a Brewfile of everything Bundle recognizes on your existingsystem. At that point, you can go through and cull what you don’t think youreally need.