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Welcome to Art Carr's CP Transmission

For decades the name Art Carr has been synonymous with High Performance Automatic Transmissions.

My new company California Performance Transmission, as you may have seen on Overhaulin, is producing the latest designs and inovations in Torque Converters, Valve Bodies and Art Carr's 200-4R Automatic Transmission
All CPT transmission’s are dyno (dynamometer) tested to ensure accurate shifting and proper transmission pressures. And All CPT Torque converters are built by us in our state of the art machine shop, utilizing top of the line equipment. All of our torque converters are balanced to within 5 grams.

You can call me in person (800-278-2277) here at our Huntington Beach California facility or fill out our contact form and I will help you with your transmission solutions!

Don't be Fooled!

Built Transmission For 2003 Ford Lightning

  • The ATS Built 48RE Transmission is built as an improved factory replacement, but not designed as a performance transmission like the ATS Built 48RE Transmission Package’s. The ATS Built 48RE Transmission Package is offered in a number of configurations depending on you.
  • It was built by an American company which owned the Niagara Falls Park & River Railway and was used to power its electrical trains between Queenston and Chippawa. The powerhouse was built in 1892 just above the Horseshoe Falls and provided direct electrical current (DC) for the railway.

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All WCFab Built Allison Transmissions are assembled in-house in our climate controlled clean room. With over 10 years of combined experience and hundreds of builds in use to date, we have been able to tweak and perfect our builds to get the most out of the Allison to withstand the power that we are able to produce with the Duramax.

Built Transmission

The TV cable on the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. So if the TV cable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems. For more Technical Information click here

Speedo Correction Adaptor
Speedometer not giving the correct speed? Don't drop the pan or struggle with locating increasingly scarce internal speedometer gears.
California Performance Transmission has the answer. Simply screw our inline adapter into the transmissions speedo drive and your speedometer cable to the back of the adapter.
Here's how it works; Use a GPS device or your cell phone, when it registers at 50 MPH read the speed indicated by your car's speedometer and send it to us. We'll calculate the correction ratio, gear the adapter correctly and send it your way.
Ask for PN 97020

There really is a model to suit every application..

Cheap Transmission Rebuild

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Phone Client v4.0.2 for Android v7.0

Built Transmission For Lbz Duramax

If you have a bar code reader on your phone, you can use the bar code on the left to download the app's APK file directly on to your phone.

Please note: you will need to do some port forwarding from your router to allow remote access. (Ports 554 & 8000 for Heroes/Maxes and 1240 & 8240 for Megas)

To install the APK file you will need to go to your security settings and allow installations from unknown sources. Then go to your Downloaded APK file and tap on it to begin the installation.

Tablet Client v3.4.3 for Android v7.0

Client software for the Android platform for use on tablets.

Please note: you will need to do some port forwarding from your router to allow remote access. (Ports 554 & 8000 for MaxPix/MaxHD and 1240 & 8240 for MegaHero)

The iPhone client is now updated to support the MegaHero.

IPhone Client - Latest OS8 News

Our iPhone client now supports new model iPhones running iOS8.x, including the iPhone 6. Simply head over to the Apple iTunes store and search for 'alien dvr'. Be aware that customer feedback would indicate it is not advisable to upgrade older iPhones (such as the iPhone 4 series to iOS8).

Built Transmission For 6.7 Powerstroke

Please note: you will need to do some port forwarding from your router to allow remote access. (Ports 554 & 8000 for Heroes/Maxes and 1240 & 8240 for Megas), check out our support tips for common models here. Amazon prime twitter.

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Built Transmission Vs Stock

A variety of software solutions are available for the viewing of cameras and recording as well as DVR management.