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You should be able to make an object for collision in Blender and export/import that. For this you have to use a naming convention, where your collision objects are named as follows:

  • UBX_[RenderMeshName]_## for boxes/cubes

  • USP_[RenderMeshName]_## for spheres

  • UCX_[RenderMeshName]_## for your custom (convex) shapes

The ## means 'some digits', which can be used when you have multiple collision objects for a single mesh. You can find this and more info at:

Blender Ue4Blender Ue4

Disclaimer: I have not tested this myself with exports/imports from Blender.

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If you want collision with the geometry exactly as you already made it, and don't plan to make simpler collision shapes, then you can set 'Collision Complexity' to 'Use Complex Collision as Simple' in your static mesh settings. This can be useful when you quickly want to test your scene before spending time on your collision modelling.

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  2. How to Assign one Material to Multiple Objects in Blender 2.8 August 19, 2019 September 2, 2019 / Chiaro22 When you have an object with a material you need to apply to multiple other objects, linking materials is an easy way to apply them with just a few clicks.

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As a final note, some game engines - or at least later versions of Unreal engine as of UDK a bit before UE4 was announced - require solid, enclosed meshes to make their magical static-mesh-occlusion-optimization-magic work, which is important for managing framerate and so when putting maps together.

Blender Ue4

Hopefully this helps you with what you tried to do. Hiveswap friendsim - volume twelve crackhead. Now, lastly, it might still be beneficial to export your items as individual models. Then you could, e.g., move tables in Unreal Editor when the office layout changes, or allow the player to open drawers.