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VR user interface for Blender - a development initiative by MARUI-PlugIn

Download Blender and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎. Intuitive touch and control gestures. One click access to mixer controls. Connect directly to Blender or other connected iOS devices. Personalize Stereo inputs with custom icons. Blender in Ipad Pro (2 answers) Closed 9 months ago. I have an iPad Pro + Pencil and was wondering if there is any chance to use it as a graphics tablet with blender?


MARUI-PlugIn has developed MARUI – a plugin for Autodesk Maya that allows you to create 3D design in VR/AR.
Our plugin has already helped many Maya users to increase their productivity.
Now we are contributing a VR/AR user interface for Blender – free and open source.

In order to continue development and maintenance we ask for your sponsorship or donation.
Currently we receive about 100$ in donations per month.

One-time donation for everyone who wants to support continuing development.

For all casually interested Blender users.
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  • The full-fat version of Photoshop for iPad, which works exactly like the desktop version without cutting out any features or flexibility, is a rubber stamping of our main argument in this article – that the iPad is now truly powerful enough to act as a substitute for desktop and laptop computers.
  • This is my First test of Sculpting in Blender on and iPad Pro, using Easy Canvas together with Tablet Pro. I did a 1 Hour sculpting test that I condensed do.

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For individuals who use BlenderXR for their work.
☑ Receive our newsletter.
☑ Get listed on our website (if wanted).
☑ Premium support.
☑ Priority is given to your bug reports and feature requests.

You can forward credit card or bank payments via the secure and safe PayPal system.
Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Follow the 3 steps below and start using Blender in VR!

Step1. Click and download the compiled binaries for your OS and extract the zip folder.

Step2. Click and download the library for your VR device and place it in the Blender folder (next to the blender.exe).
* If you are using SteamVR (HTC Vive, WindowsMR), you also need openvr_api.dll
* If you are using Fove, you also need FoveClient.dll
*Only HTC Vive is available for Linux OS.

Step3. Start Blender, open the “Window” menu and select “New VR Window”.

The BlenderXR project is hosted on github:

Windows and Linux

Blender 2.8

HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Cosmos
Oculus Rift
Windows MR

2018 KickStarter:
Markus Ott / DamianJ / regonn / wahekui


Updated to Blender release v2.8.2.
Added support for HTC Cosmos.

Added new modeling features.
Insert Faces / Bevel / Loop Cut / Knife

Added a new section introduces Shogun bakers of the Kickstarter project. Special thank-you for all backers!

We achieved 161% of the Kickstarter project!

Blender Ipad Download

v.0.3 has released

New concepts of the project developing modeling features

Updated a report of the total donations and development hours.

Natural blue obsidian. 2018/10/22
Added a report of the total donations and development hours so far.

Blender Ipad Pro

BlenderXR is now available with FOVE eye-tracking headset.

You can also sponsor us via PATREON now!

BlenderXR Beta is released. Now you can download and start using Blender with a VR interface.