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Although Elias Howe had patented the lock stitch sewing machine in 1846 initially there was little interest in this new invention. Gradually though a small number of firms started to produce primative sewing machines and later the American courts decided many of the machines produced infringed Elias Howe's Patent.
Following various legal disputes the owners of the most important patents formed the Sewing Machine Combination in 1856 to jointly licence the use of their patents, from then on America developed a thriving sewing machine manufacturing industry.
Many companies remained small and only made sewing machines for relatively short periods before disappearing sometimes leaving only a name or machine to history.
Our aim is to establish a comprehensive list of American Sewing Machine Manufacturers, the machines made and dates of production. This is not straight forward, some early sewing machines were named after the Patent used rather than the Company which produced the machine, names of defunct companies were reused years later, and there were an enormous number of machines labelled for retailers! Concequently it is not our intention to list labelled machines.
The list provided below is in its infancy and will be updated as and when new information becomes available to us.
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If you come across a period advertisement, instruction manual, price list etc (dated or not) this may provide further information which would help enhance the accuracy of this list and we would be grateful if you could let us have a copy.

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A. Coulter and Co.Chicago, Illinois

AdamsonCupar, Scotland

A. H. Beebe and Co.New York

A. Staehle Württemberg, Germany

Acme Buttonhole Attachment Co.New YorkThe Bad Mood and the Stick PDF Free download.

Addax Basting Machine Co. Portland, Maine,

AdlerBielefeld, Germany

Adolf Knoch Saalefeld Germany

Adria Budapest

Aetna Sewing MachineNew York

Akam see C. G. Akam

Aiken and Felthousen

Allbook & Hashfield

Allen William James, sewing machine maker (1883) England

American and English Sewing Machine Co.London

American Bobbin Company

American B-H. O. & Sewing Machine Co.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

American Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. Boston, Massachusetts

American Magnetic

American Magnetic Sewing Machine Co.

American Staple Sewing Machine Co.Putnam , Connecticut

Atlas Sewing Machine Serial Numberssteellasopa

Pink Atlas Sewing Machine

Angela NähmaschinenwerkKappeln Germany

Anker - WerkeBielefeld , Germany

Asten John see also John Asten

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Atlas Sewing Machine History

Atlas Sewing Machine Co.London

August Göricke Bielefeld , Germany

Atlas Sewing Machine Serial Numbers

Avery Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co.New York City