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The Markdown output is now a set of files, located in resources/docs. The route files are located in resources/docs/groups and are split by groups (1 group per file). 2.2 配置(apidoc.json) 每次导出接口文档都必须要让apidoc读取到apidoc.json文件(如果未添加配置文件,导出报错),你可以在你项目的根目录下添加apidoc.json文件,这个文件主要包含一些项目的描述信息,比如标题、简短的描述、版本等,你也可以加入一些可选的配置项,比如页眉、页脚、模板等。.

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The apidoc generator can use multiple directories, so you can generate docs for. This command can render documentation stored as markdown files such as. The reason may be the separation of code and document. Sometimes when I finish writing code, I forget to fill in the document, and I can’t view it in time. Flask-Docs can solve my problem. This plug-in can generate document pages according to code annotations. Code annotations can update the document in time and support.

Do you need to create API docs for your RESTful API? Want to automatically generate API documentation? Today, I am going to share some free templates that are designed to showcase your API. Good documentation is reallyimportant so start with a good foundation. These API resources are simple, clean, leverage best practices, and will make your API users happy.

1. Slate – helps you create beautiful API documentation. It’s responsive, uses Markdown and Ruby, and it’s inspired by Stripe’s and Paypal’s API docs. Here is a demo.

2. apiDoc – inline documentation for RESTful web APIs that is created from API annotations in your source code. The theme is 2 columns and here is a demo.

3. Customer invoice log. FlatDoc – makes writing documentation easy. There is no built process, just a small JavaScript file that fetches Markdown files and renders them as full pages. You create documentation from Readme files. The default theme is responsive and you can deploy via Github Pages.

4. Webservice API Specification Doc Template – easy, simple, clean API doc template built as a Google Doc page.

5. API Blueprint – gives you awesome tools for your whole API lifecycle. You can generate documentation automatically and much more with this tool. Here are some examples. Also, check out aglio, the API blueprint renderer.

6. Swagger – simple and powerful interface to your API. Lots of automation, API tooling, and even client SDK generation and discoverability. Check out the live demo.

7. Calamum – generates REST API documentation from a JSON file. It has a twitter template and a bootstrap template.

8. miredot is a REST API documentation generator for Java. Check out the example.

9. RAML – simple and succinct way of describing RESTful APIs. It’s built on broadly-used standards such as YAML and JSON and it has many tools, one of which is RAML to HTML which output documentation based on RAML files.

10. RestDoc – PHP scripts to generate REST documentation from YAML files.


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Add ApiDoc support to Flask

Project description

Flask ApiDoc Extend is a Flask extension which adds support for the ApiDoc.



  • Host apidoc's files, by default they are hosted in http://localhost:5000/apidoc
  • Export apidoc's files to Markdown. apidoc.md will be generated into output folder.Bydefault it's under /static/docs.


You need to install apidoc first.

$ npm install apidoc -g

Then you can install flask-apidoc via Python Package Index (PyPI)

$ pip install flask-apidoc-extend


  • Creates a apidoc.json file under your project.


like this:

  • Initalizes Apidoc and pass your flask app to it.

ApiDoc param.


  • Add some apidoc comments anywhere in your source code:
  • generate apidoc files

$ cd yourproject/

$ flask apidoc

$ flask run

Now you can access your apidoc files by

  • Export to Markdown (version>=0.1.6)

This command will export apidoc files to markdown(apidoc.md).

$flask apidoc --export

Apidoc Markdown Schedule

Bydefault,you can find markdown file under /static/docs.

note : your apidoc.json file must be set under yourproject/ and you should run command at the same path.


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Sphinx Apidoc Markdown


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