Ablebit Tool For Excel



  • Name : AbleBits Ultimate Suite for Excel
  • Version : 2016.4.456.1290
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Excel Tools
  • Price : $69
  • Homepage : SalePage

Re-enabling Ablebits Add-in for Excel in Excel 2016. Excel Details: If the add-in is in the list, select it and click the 'OK' button.The Ablebits menu's should appear across the top to the right of your standard Excel menus If the add-in keeps disappearing, follow the below steps to add it to The Trust Center In Excel, click on “File”. Ablebits data in excel. In desktop Excel, go to the Insert tab, find the Add-ins group in the ribbon and click the Get Add-ins button: In the Office Add-Ins dialog box, go to Store, enter 'Text Toolkit' into the Search filed and click the Search icon: Find Ablebits Text Toolkit on the list and click Add: Now you can find out how to use the tool. Here is a listing of all the add-ins that are detailed within this article: AbleBits Utility Pack. AutoChart (Automate bulk chart creation) CF Shapes (Shape object conditional formatting) Chart-Me. Custom UI Editor (Ribbon XML Code Editor) Dashboard Tools. E2P (Excel To PowerPoint copy/paste automation). This toolset places itself in task groups on three new tabs in Excel: Ablebits Data - offers the Merge, Split, Dedupe, Clean, and Randomize task groups Ablebits Utilities - contains the tools for searching and processing the data Quick Tools - provides one-click time savers.


Comprehensive set of time-saving tools
With this collection of 40+ professional tools, you can accomplish any task impeccably without errors or delays. It’s 15 years of experience with Office development embodied in the perfect code of solutions that work flawlessly on all Excel versions and all datasets.


Ablebit Tool For Excel Download

  • Merge and Consolidate
  • Match and merge two tables based on key columns.
  • Merge two tables and add missing columns and rows.
  • Summarize data from several ranges into one sheet.
  • Copy data from the selected ranges to one worksheet.
  • Turn workbooks to worksheets and place the resulting sheets to one file.
  • Copy the selected worksheets to one workbook.
  • Merge the selected rows or columns.
  • Join several cells keeping all data.
  • Combine identically named worksheets into one.
  • Combine and Split
  • Combine duplicate rows and paste unique data to one line.
  • Split a big table into separate lists by values in the selected column.
  • Split multi-part names into several columns.
  • Dedupe and Compare
  • Find and delete duplicates in one Excel table.
  • Find and process duplicates and their 1st occurrences.
  • Find unique values in one table.
  • Find and delete, select, color, copy or move duplicate or unique values.
  • Compare two tables for duplicate and unique values.
  • Transform and Reshape
  • Convert summary table to a flat list.
  • Transform your table into label cards.
  • Swap two ranges in your sheet or workbook.
  • Flip the selected range vertically or horizontally.
  • Convert rows to columns and vice versa.
  • Randomize and Fill
  • Generate unique random numbers.
  • Get random dates and Booleans.
  • Save custom lists with values to get random data from them.
  • Generate strong passwords, codes, and testing data.
  • Shuffle cells in rows, columns, or in the selected range.
  • Select certain number or percentage of data at random.
  • Fill empty cells with value above or below.
  • Find and Check
  • Find partial duplicates, typos and misspelled words.
  • Search and replace data in values, formulas, hyperlinks, and comments.
  • Search and export or select the found values.
  • Find and fix broken references to other workbooks.
  • Trim and Clean
  • Trim extra leading, trailing, in-between spaces, and .
  • Convert numbers stored as text to numbers.
  • Change text case in your Excel table.
  • Remove non-printing, numeric, text characters, symbols and punctuation marks.
  • Convert line break and other characters to any custom symbol.
  • Select and Calculate
  • Count and sum cells based on their color.
  • Select certain color to count or sum cells.
  • Apply Average/Max/Min functions to the colored data.
  • Select cells by type.
  • Select cells by value.
  • Keep the same selection when switching between sheets.
  • Select any value in your list to filter your table.
  • Search cells based on their value or color.
  • Apply basic calculations to the selected cells.
  • Quick Utilities
  • Delete empty rows, columns and sheets.
  • See all open workbooks and sheets on one pane.
  • Get cell or range address to Clipboard.
  • Replace formulas with values.
  • Convert formulas to relative or absolute.
  • Insert a picture comment in 2 clicks.
  • Change a comment shape.
  • Manage comments.